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Reporting Fake Servers / Players
Oct 07, 2013 12:26 PM
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Reporting Abuse

Please use the Report Abuse feature located on the server page to report fake servers and players.

For more help learning how to report a server:

To find an exhaustive list of things we may ban or derank for:

If you are reporting many servers on one IP Address, report one server on that IP address and mention that the entire IP has fake servers.

If the sole reason you are reporting a server is because they used your server name, please instead visit our TOS and look for the legal contact. Please use that address to submit your notice of claimed infringement. Be sure to include all appropriate documentation proving without a reasonable doubt that you own exclusive rights to the usage of text.

Requesting a rerank or unban

Please see the appropriate sticky topic in the Bug Reports forum:
I do not provide support over PM. Please ask your questions on the GameTracker forums.
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