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Server Unranking Bug with CS:GO Zombie Escape Gamemode Servers
Jul 24, 2019 1:23 AM
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Posting this as a new thread instead of in the pinmed thread because this issue seems to be happening to multiple CS:GO Zombie Escape servers recently (as opposed to a single server) and hasn't been addressed. Many of the zombie escape servers in CS:GO have been obviously false flagged as reporting fake or idle clients. To list most of these servers, there are:

ZombieDen's Zombie Escape servers:

GFLClan's Zombie Escape server:

Net4ALL's Zombie Escape server:

Mapeadores's Zombie Escape server:

Mizapro's Zombie Escape server:

ALL of these servers have been popular for years, with GFLClan and Mapeadores holding the rank 1 and 2 csgo server spots respectively for years as well. All it takes is hopping on any of the servers during their active hours for 30 seconds to see that all the players are not fake or idle (as the server admins on nearly all of these servers kick afks quite frequently so new players can join as the server reaches the max player count). It is quite obvious that someone or some group is false reporting all these servers with the same fake reason of "This server has been detected to report fake or idle clients and it is not eligible to be ranked."

I am not asking for these servers to be instantly re-ranked (hence why I am not posting in the pinned thread) or anything like that; I am asking that the admins look into these reports (such as who is submitting them, the exact report reason, timing reports came in, etc.). For all of these popular servers that have been ranked for years to all suddenly become unranked within about a month of each other shows something wrong is happening behind the scenes. I don't know if any other gamemodes/servers are also being targetted (since I only play Zombie Escape in CS:GO), but at the very least a large portion of popular servers in this gamemode have been targetted. The gamemode does not use ANY bots, so this gamemode in specific shouldn't have anything to get it targetted like this.
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Jul 30, 2019 6:56 PM
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Something seriously seems to be messed up with derankings in general right now, this is affecting servers beyond ZE too.

Just today the top 15 servers in both CS:S and CS:GO were completely decimated, with CS:GO and CS:S only having 5 and 3 servers remaining respectively.

This isn't even counting the servers that have been taken out of top 15 in the past few weeks before todays mass deranking.
Jul 30, 2019 11:46 PM
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Moved: Not a Gametracker bug.

It is quite clear that you, like the majority of owners of de-ranked servers have either;
1. not read the rules and multiple posts by myself and administrators on this topic or;
2. have not understood correctly.

I read every request for re-ranking to determine if it meets the criteria for consideration.
Almost one third (1/3) are deleted immediately because they do not comply with the requirements.
A further third contain statements within them, from the server owners, that clearly show they have never read the rules.

Here are the facts:

- Server reports are not blindly accepted by the administrators.
- All server reports are investigated by an administrator before a decision is made to de-rank.
- If a server is de-ranked it is because the administrator has found it to be in violation of the rules.
- The majority of server reports are false, and therefore ignored by the administrators.

Topic closed.

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