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Requests for Server Reranking and Unbans
Aug 19, 2019 10:01 PM
GAMETRACKER ADMIN Joined: May 18, 2019
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If you would like to appeal a ban and have your server re-ranked, please provide the following information:


Once your case has been reviewed, your post will be deleted. If your post is delete and no action is taken, your server does not meet the ranking guidelines.

Before posting an appeal please ensure that you have read and understand our ranking guidelines:

Ranking Guidelines

Attempting to cheat the ranking system in any way will result in a ban/derank for all servers involved.

Server boosting, redirects, and duplicate servers will lead to a permanent ban.

Bans/deranks from bots/idle players will be lifted if the issue is corrected however, repeat offenses also lead to permanent bans.

Additional information:

- If you have the message on your server page:
"This server has been detected to report fake or idle clients and it is not eligible to be ranked."

It could have been de-ranked for ANY of the 7 reasons listed in the first link.

- Spectators/Moderators still count as idle clients.

- Spamming posts will result in account suspension.

- For unclaimed server pages: please claim the server page before posting your request. All requests for re-ranking must be made by the registered server owner. If you are not the server owner your post will be deleted.

- Music bots still count as bots.

If the whole IP is deranked/banned it's permanent. You will have to request a new IP to have a ranked server.

"I just rented/purchased this server and my whole IP is deranked/banned."

If a whole IP is deranked/banned it's because every server on that IP was fake.

There are some non-reputable game server providers that artificially boost the rank of their servers, then resell them to unsuspecting customers. If the server is rented or purchased though a game server provider and the whole IP is deranked/banned, it's likely the result of your providers actions.
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Feb 18, 2024 8:06 PM
Joined: Jan 24, 2013
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Game:Counter-Strike 1.6
Name: ClaN Brasília 1

Hello friend I

I have On my server the plugin bot spec generates 3 player Disclosure sites and believe this is the reason for the fake players More after the Ban was disabled the plugin

An observation: I've been on the first page for several years, if the reason is different, I don't know and I would like to know why I was banned since I'm 100% sure that there is no bot on my cs1.6 server

Monitor my server for 7 to 30 days and see if my Rank will drop between And see if there are fake players

Creator server since 2013 Already 11 years old, if you are going to delete my post at least tell me the reason sorry to bother you

Feb 21, 2024 12:39 PM
Joined: May 04, 2017
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Game:Counter Strike 1.6
Name:The New Legend Only Dust2[]

I just bought this server from the previous owner.Please Re rank my server.
We don't accept fake players

We are using rechecker
Fake client can't join to server.
And afk manager, thanks to which there are no idle clients on the server.

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Mar 11, 2024 6:57 PM
Joined: Jan 10, 2012
Posts: 2
Jogo: Counter-Strike 1.6
Porta: 27052

This server has been detected to report
fake or inactive customers and is not eligible for rating.

Would it be possible to remove the NR from this server?
Mar 15, 2024 6:21 AM
Joined: Dec 12, 2020
Posts: 533
Game: Counter Strike 1.6
Name: [ZOMBIES]+[CSO MOD] [#1] CSOMOD.COM [since 2012]
Port: 27015

Hi, AFK issue is solved after 30 minute of inactivity server auto kicks AFK players. So please allow us to be ranked again, we are deserving a second chance. There are no more idle or fake players on server we added afk manager (kicker) for afk players, we are ranked for years, so please dear GameTracker admin, allow us to be get ranked again.
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Mar 15, 2024 9:11 AM
Joined: Apr 14, 2022
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Game: Counter Strike 1.6
Port: 27015

I would like to appeal against the disqualification from the rankings, because recently there have been a lot of AFK players on the server who keep coming. The server has been secured and has additional protection against various attacks. AFK people will be kicked and banned. We follow the rules and do not use fake players.
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Mar 15, 2024 9:42 AM
Joined: Jun 11, 2023
Posts: 4
Game: Half-Life 1
Name: -[Dark Node]-|Half-Life|-[Argentina]-
Port: 27031

Hi, firt this, now NR..
No idle clients, are only a couple of bots that disconnect when a player enters.
So if a server is attacked with new Fake-Client flood; GameTracker immediately derank the server?

" fake or
idle clients and it is not eligible to be ranked."

This server infect no-STEAM clients to do SPAM of their servers in others (nick/chat-flood/autojoin) ->
All Turkish servers in TOP 10, above>20 "players" ATT 24/7.. come on...

they eligible to be classified?..

Seems like a joke, but well...
Mar 15, 2024 11:03 AM
Joined: Apr 29, 2014
Posts: 9

Today i received NR on my cs2 server.
Can you tell me why? I am top3 world, no broken rule, no nothing. Maybe it s a bug or something.
I have this server since 2017. Can you check please?

Game: Counter Strike 2
Port: 27015

Thanks in advance
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Mar 15, 2024 9:11 PM
Joined: Jan 30, 2013
Posts: 2
Game: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (2007)

Name: SERVER 1 = xM#Sniper Only Server
Name : SERVER 2 = xM#Deathrun 50 Prestiges-GhostRun-Unlimited Spawn

IP SERVER 1 : Port: 27912
IP SERVER 2 : Port: 27256

Hi gametracker team,

MORE THEN 10 Years respecting gametracker rules...

i contact you today because my 2 Servers got banned from for no reason, so i will explain you... there is a new COD4 clan called DC ( here screen shot of their server )
This clan are just a few guys that we banned from our servers for cheating and using multi-hack and beeing very toxic and now they are trying everything to kill our servers so they spam report on my both servers and i dont know how they did to get them banned from gametracker they also send a lot of bots on our discord and ddos our game servers, so please GT team unban my servers i fully read and understood the rules, im respecting every single rule and i love gametracker i created my first server in 2012 i never get any ban this is first time this happen to me,

btw my server was top 1 before you ban it...

my discord : xmraky

Thank you so much and wish you best things for the future.

Peace & Love 
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Mar 16, 2024 11:44 AM
Joined: Mar 28, 2021
Posts: 1
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Name: [ZM] Zombie Classic [16+] | LM+SandBags
Port: 27105

Hi! I left 2 weeks ago and did not monitor the server, eventually returning home I find that the server is banned. After opening the server console and logs, I realized that the server was flooded with fake clients and all the players fled. I ask you to unban the server, I hope that I will find a way to protect against fakes on the server, and make it only for steam players
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