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[] New Zombie Escape server :)
Sep 15, 2017 12:54 AM
Joined: Aug 06, 2016
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New Polish/EU Zombie Escape server
Server Offer:
High stability
Nice Atmosfer
Large number of maps
VIPa - Vip have some models and slot reservation, 0 braking games shit
Tag system- Tag "Bywalec" and model for him for first 10 people on the server with 24h /Restarted every 31 days
Good Admins
Best elit CSGO group on whole world *accepting only if you were on server* we play CS GO, Aion, League of Legends Dota2 PUBG you can with us
High quality gameplay of gameplay
Well and above all the cool guys;)
And most importantly weak English speaking and writing (most players) so come and play with us :>