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My server IP or port changed
Sep 22, 2015 9:25 PM
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Join port has changed

There is no feature to change the join port. You will need to add the new server at:

Optionally, you can migrate the historical player stats using the migrate stats feature. To learn how to use it, please visit:

Query port has changed

The query port can be changed when the server is offline or by an admin. On the Manage page (the claim page), you will find an option in a red block to change the query port. This only appears when the server is offline.

My IP has changed

There is no direct feature to change the IP. However, if the ports are remaining the same, you can make use of the DNS feature:

If the ports have changed, you did not claim the original server before it went offline, you do not have access to create a DNS name, etc., you can add the new server on:
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