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How do I migrate player stats or rank between server pages?
Sep 12, 2015 12:03 PM
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Migrate Player Stats

This will migrate player stats only. Please note, this will not migrate rank, blog posts, or server graphs.

Please note the following:
- Both server pages must be claimed by same account.
- Both servers must also be of the same game type.
- Stats are not merged. The original server REPLACES the new server stats. This means the receiving end has its stats permanently WIPED.

To migrate the stats:
1. Claim both server pages.
2. Go to the original server page.
3. Click "Manage" and then find the option to migrate the player stats.
4. Choose the new server and migrate the stats.


Note: You do not want to use both the above and below features at the same time, because you will probably lose player stats in the process. It's one or the other.


Use DNS to migrate entire server page

The only way to migrate the entire page to a new page is to use the DNS feature. This will only work if the ports on the original server are the same as the new server.

To use the DNS feature:
1. Go to the original server page and enter your DNS address.
2. If the new server IP:Port is already on the website, claim it first.
3. Point the DNS to the new IP at your DNS provider.
4. Wait

GT will automatically change the IP of the server page to the new IP. The new server page will be deleted, if it exists on the website (and you've claimed it).
GT checks the DNS address to see if the IP has changed once per day, or more often if the server is offline.

It can take longer or appear in error temporarily if:
- How long it takes the DNS IP change to propagate.
- If the original server is online or offline.
- The new server is not online
- The new server is already on the website but not claimed.
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