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My server will not add or shows as down, what should I do?
Sep 12, 2015 11:09 AM
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Step 1: Is the server online?

Try joining it from a network that is not on the same network as the game server.

Step 2: Is the connection information correct and valid?

Confirm that the server is still running on the same game, IP, port, and query port as it was previously. If you run the server from home, make sure the IP has not changed. Most home internet connections have a dynamic IP, which means it changes from time to time.

If you've added a DNS address, changed that IP, and believe it is showing down because GT is still using the old IP, wait longer. GT will check the DNS once daily for a new IP... and more often if the server is seen as down. GT does not query by DNS. It may take 24-48 hours for GT to be able to detect an IP change in the DNS depending on how quickly the IP change propagates. Of course be mindful of the conditions for a page to change IP via the DNS feature.

Step 3: Is the query being blocked on your network?

Please choose the most appropriate solution to allow external machines to find the server, which could involve:
- Portforward in your router.
- Open the port in your firewall.
- Disable your firewall, if desired.
- Whitelist the scanner IPs.

At the current time, we are not able to tell you the best way to configure your network or tell you how to do something in any random firewall.

Note: In some cases, some server providers have been known to block all foreign traffic for DDOS protection.

Step 4: Have you enabled any game query settings?

Please navigate to the thread specific to your game for helpful information:

DayZ Mod, ARMA2, ARMA3:
Counter Strike: Global Offensive:
TeamSpeak 3:

Beyond the guides listed above, we are not aware of query specific options. Though, in certain games you may be able to configure the query port.

Note: Unless noted, we are not able to provide any support for any mod-specific query options, such as how to configure it or to support alternative query protocols.

Step 5: Does the server show online in some cases, but not others?

If you hit "Update Scanning Parameters" to trigger a scan and it goes through, but does not remain online, you can almost guarantee you are blocking one of the Scanner IPs. That might be in your firewall, your router, or something else you may have in place to manage your network.

If you did not do anything, but it shows offline only occasionally, your server may be temporarily blocking the scanner. While GameTracker generally scans your server every 1-4 minutes, there may be certain occasions where multiple queries are issued faster than that and it could trigger anti-flood features in your network software. Whitelisting the scanner IPs may get around that.
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