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Counter-Striker: Source Server List
Feb 01, 2023 1:45 PM
Joined: Jan 12, 2016
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I'm aware that the entire damn forum is being flooded by crypto garbage right now, but I've reported multiple RUST servers in the CS:S section over a month period and no-one had decided to even bat an eye on it.

There are about 10 Russian RUST servers occupying the top of Counter-Strike: Srouce section which greatly hurts the server population of said game due to a lot of people still relying on this website no matter how unmoderated it may be.

I would like to publicly ask for the moderation team to remove these servers from the CS:S category that are obviously for RUST, and not the game they were set, and ban accounts creating these server listing as they are obviously fraudulent and not in terms with how this site should be used. Thank you in advance.