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Add: Top player list bot marking
Sep 15, 2020 11:32 AM
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it seems like after i had refreshed my server.cfg for counter strike source gametracker had lost touch on the bots that had already been identified on the server. gametracker does a decent job recognizing a bot and removes the time played from the bot in the top player list but always tallies the kills. the bot still shows up in the top player list. before i had changed the .cfg it did a decent job only seeming to record the bots activity here and there, but since i had changed it the bots are getting their kills recorded heavily. some bots can reach almost 1000 kills a day just sitting there. the bots are obviously prefixed with DR.N0 in front of the name. but i think it would be better if maybe things could be added to where in the top player list you can just manually identify a bot and mark the profile to which it will not record any stats at all. this would be better in my opinion. i dont know if its even possible but if it was that would be lovely. if u could mark a bot and just cancel all recording of data all together that would be awesome. it sucks having to go through the top player list every other day trying to weed out the already labelled bots and remove them from the top ten players list.
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