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Please stop banned servers
Jan 12, 2018 10:20 AM
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Hello, my name is Sergiu I have 23 years and I have server counter-strike 1.6 from 10 years ago, this is my passion, when i started this site where i see more servers better than my server and i want that's the best i try to work on popularity server i post the server on more forums and site for more players on the server, after i do that in every morning i access this site for i see my stats on the server and my server is now i have this ip from 4 years ago and the dns from 7 years or more and now it's i want you say something this make me want to be the best and all my staff looking every day on this site on my server to see how it's going, and many more people make this with their own server enter on this site to see statistics and rankings if manager want this rule to ban all servers how that boosting i say you more people migrate to another you have a lot of problems, t he big pr I'm sorry it's more people have added the server on this site after more than 2-5-10 years and have statistics very old and now banned for a rule how it's not in advantages for nobody it's not an advantage for site belive me very many people do do not enter again on this site if you continue to banned the servers if you want to banned all servers how do you boost your belive me you must banned all top300-top500 this is what you want? It banned 300-400 servers how it's the best on this site? What remains after that? Servers 5/32 and 10/32 maximum? This rule destroy the Counter-Strike 1.6 does not make it uninterrupted and unbanned all servers how was it banned yesterday please start this to do this because I do not want this site to lose all the server better from all over the world stop banned better servers , i understand the rule but nobody can make a server with no boost belive me today it's not 1.6 how was it 5-7 years ago, with no boosting nobody servers no more then 10/32 night if you want to destroy Counter-Strike 1.6 in this site the decision it belongs to you but my suggestion is to make a topic or a statistic where people can vote or say if it's better to ban servers how do you boost or not to see what happens and how many people do not want this belive me more than 1,000 accounts vote not forbidden and all unique from ip, want to put on topic donation 1 euro and all servers how do not banned to make a donation 1 euro on paypal please do not continue with this banned because destroy 1.6 on this site and it's not good for nobody and it's not correct!
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Jan 12, 2018 12:35 PM
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What is your IP:Port? I will help unban your server but please turn the boosting off. We have went under internal changes to make the ranking system fair, clean, and free of any external help. Everyone must rank their server the traditional way with just the basic players and settings.
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