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May 01, 2014 1:37 AM Dodgy1 posted on i'm not a hacker ___@NoobWayOfPlaying___
Apr 27, 2014 8:37 AM Dodgy1 posted a comment to Extreme62 - No mate I read just b4 getting kicked "reason for being kicked cheating or hacking" and then I joined the same game straight away to ask what was goin on and I had been muted and couldn't type any msg's. My name in the game is The Realdodgy1 I was playing moh Helmand valley. I tried a few more times over next few hours to join the same server once or twice it let me join only to be kicked less then a minute later. I have no idea how many admins were playing but I'm sure if there was only one or two you could find out who did it and query them. Thanks for the prompt reply Out for now cheers  
Apr 27, 2014 3:09 AM Extreme62 posted a comment to Dodgy1 - I have no idea what you are talking about. I do not see you in the ban list you sure you did not get like a 2 minute punkbuster communication ban or some shit. I see no name dodgy1 in the list  
Apr 27, 2014 3:01 AM Dodgy1 posted a comment to Extreme62 - Mate I've just been booted reason given hacking or cheating I'm not fucking happy whoever is representing you by way of Admins are really being quite childess and imature in their role as Admins. While my arse still points to the ground I'm here to say I have never hacked or cheated nor do I know how. My only thoughts are they are doing it for their own gratifacation. I only sniped my 3rd or 4th target just minutes into the hemland map just 10 mins ago and I get kicked. your reply and attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Dave ps I play home in Townsville Australia I have a 2 yeay old machine not that flash but I do have 100mb/sec fiber optic cable my ping would probably put me out of whack with most servers as they r in USA sometimes an advantage most times not.  
Apr 25, 2014 9:16 AM Dodgy1 posted a comment to Rolixir - Just read some off the post lol, looks like we have a bad name. I can see how people might think other players cheat..lord knows there's been times I'm cursing and getting angry, but I've played just long enough to know it's nearly always someone connection or top of the computer or they've just jagged a really good game. Having said that though you would think admins would be right on to it and not kick anyone without knowing for sure they cheat...JihindiJack is one that I know cheats for sure uses a machine gun and kills with one shot from across the other side of battlefield...holy crap it makes me wild. Anyway I can forgive them I'm sure they will do it again next time I'm having a good game  
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Apr 24, 2014 1:48 AM Dodgy1 posted on i'm not a hacker ___@NoobWayOfPlaying___
Apr 22, 2014 5:28 AM Dodgy1 posted on Kicked Again
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