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This is a clan for people who love to play medal of honor: Air Borne, I only accept people who play fair, and never cheat or swear. if you are on of those people, you are very welcome to join!

Being one of the leading-edge Game Server Providers in Canada and the United States, we are working hard to become the first major Game Server Provider to integrate online tournaments with professional-grade, competition-ready game servers. Due to our superior network and hardware platforms our servers will give the players perfect shot registration and extremely low pings.

We believe what sets us apart from other Game Server Providers is our commitment to excellence, shown by the quality of our game servers and our desire to give our members the best gaming experience possible. We believe in the saying "you get out what you put in", which is why our members always come first. We handle all support issues quickly and efficiently, even after designated working hours whenever possible. We have supported new games on the request of a single person, usually within a few days or less. Given all this and more, we have demonstrated repeatedly that we have the flexibility that no other Game Server Provider can offer.

We encourage you to read our Benefits and Testimonials which will give you an indication of what you will get as an xtreme Toronto Cyber games member. You can also request a free trial server, or head on over to our order page.

xTc Public Hosted Servers

Here are a few of our public member game servers that are available for you to play on. These IP's can be pinged to determine your closest datacenter location prior to ordering.

Location Game IP:Port Status
Vancouver CS:1.6 -Pro Gamer- (100 tick, 600 FPS) Online
Vancouver CS:Source -Pro Gamer- (100 tick, 600 FPS) Online
Vancouver TF2 -Elite- (66 tick, 200 FPS) Online
Vancouver Call of Duty:World At War Online
Vancouver MOH: Airborne Online

Membership Benefits

A game server tweaked for performance; configured to be ready to handle the most demanding matches with smooth movement, flawless shot registration, and the lowest ping possible
Competitive low pricing without sacrificing quality.Overall the best experience for your money.
7 day pro-rated money back guarantee
No setup costs or hidden fees
Fast server setups, usually within 10 minutes of ordering. We're one of the only companies that you can trust to have your server up and running even if you have an important match scheduled just minutes away
Knowledgable, fast, friendly and personal customer support. Personal service means that we don't utilize a ticket system, but offer real-time support to our members. We offer free mod installs and mod/server customizations.
One of the most innovative server control panels in the world. In addition to giving you the ability to stop or start multiple servers with a single click of a button, you will also have access to a sophisticated command line interface which makes modifying your server command line painless.
Complete FTP access
Redirects upon request
Default port upon request
In-depth help pages ranging from mod installation and configuration guides, server commands, FTP help, an FAQ section, and a PayPal guide

Guaranteed non-overloaded servers. All of our game servers are built to handle anything that our members can throw at them, with power to spare. We will always support the idea of quality over quantity, and that is why we cap the number of game servers per machine to such a low number; so we can ensure that all of our members have the highest performing game servers possible
All of our server machines are company owned, meaning that we buy our server machines outright instead of renting them. This gives us more control over the quality of our game servers
All of our Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source servers come pre-loaded with the latest CAL and CEVO maps and configuration files
CS players get to choose between 3 different performance packages: Value, Elite, and Pro Gamer. Our Value package is perfect for a budget-conscious gamer who still wants a smooth, quality server, while our Elite package is great for pubs and some competitive play. Lastly, our Pro Gamer package is ideal for any gamer who wants a flawless server that can handle even the most intense matches with power and finesse
Free game server transfers between comparable games of the same price
Free game server transfers to other datacenters
Request a trial server to be able to try before you buy


Apathetik wrote ...
... I am very impressed that I took 45 minutes out of my life to pass on how good the servers actually are. I cannot believe the servers performance in every area of online game play. No lag, low ping, great routing, no tearing, not overloaded, and last but not least, amazing registry and stability. Next comes the people who run it. Amazing guys all around with great, down to earth personalities. Besides that, they also have extensive knowledge in the gaming community and vast experience in competitive game play, which translates to more efficient server set ups and configurations, as well as technical support to possible new gamers looking to get into the scene. Next comes the cost. For 21$ a month, I am paying roughly half of any other "so called" hyper accelerated and high priority cpu server. Which in fact, are overloaded and not accelerated at all. For the 21$ here at XCG, you honestly get a 50x better server then the "ultimate" ones at these major server providers. Also which are set up nearly instantly through XCG, even if you're up at 3 am like myself. Finally, XCG is Canadian which makes it that much better. It feels good to support local entrepreneurs who are right in our own back yard!"

Padre_acc wrote ...
" ... This outfit, which supplies the fastest and most effective support I have
ever experienced deserves nothing less than a gold medal of excellence from
the gaming community for their outstanding service.

When I first signed up with Chris & Rick at XtremeCyberGames ... "

Supa wrote ...
"At least for CS:Source, I have stopped searching for a good server company because I have found the best. Such companies as High Definition and NFO charge $100+ for what this company charges for $28...and at a higher quality too. Not only is the best company I have found, but it's a community that promotes competitive play. Run by gamers, for gamers.

Support - 10/10
Community - 10/10
Quality - 11/10 (not a typo)

This is one community I'm glad to be apart of. "

Vincent wrote ...
"Xtreme Cybergames has been the best provider we have ever had. Awesome ping and reg. We've been to Gameservers, Bloodservers, AFGServers, StealthServers, Divo, and Aim2Game. We always had members complain about the reg and ping they had until we went to Xtreme Cybergames. Awesome servers and at a low price.

5/5 on Quality and performance."

Splatterguts wrote ...
"The support provided by these guys is absolutely outstanding. I just started up my first Call of Duty server and I had no clue what I was doing. I started out with another server and their service was useless to a noobie like me, so I had to cancel. I found Xtreme Cybergames and decided to give them a try. Best decision I ever made.

They got me up and running in no time and have patiently and professionally ..."

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Jan 10, 2010 4:49 PM
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CA Member
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This is a clan for people who love to play medal of honor: Air Borne, I only accept people who play fair, and never cheat or swear. if you are on of those people, you are very welcome to join!
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