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Forum Home > Download & Stuff > All Of UT99 Bonus Packs 1-4
All Of UT99 Bonus Packs 1-4
Jul 26, 2009 4:14 AM
IDK_Crup Member - Joined: Jul 24, 2009
Posts: 5
K Here We Go Its My Upload So
Bonus Pack 1
This pack contains three new player characters 11 maps, and the Relics mutator.

The characters

Skaarj Hybrid: The N.E.G. has long recognized the superiority of the Skaarj warrior as a military fighting
machine, as was made clear in the brutal Human-Skaarj wars. The Skaarj Hybrid is the result of secret
military genetic research using both human and Skaarj DNA performed after the capture of a Skaarj scout
ship. If proven in Tournament battle, the Hybrids shall become a leading force in ground based ops.

Nali: The Nali race has been long enslaved and dominated by the Skaarj. A newly formed Nali faction
has repented their pacifist ways and has rebelled against the Skaarj, and they’re ready to prove their combat
skills in the Tournament.

Nali WarCow: When the militant Nali were driven from their homeworld they brought the only dom
beast they knew of- their local livestock. By using Pavlovian techniques and heavy cerebral modification they are training their cattle to fight instead of graze.

Download BonusPack1 (14 MB)


Bonus Pack 2
This pack contains two levels along with the following DE mutators:
Volatile Ammo Mutator
Team Beacon
Volatile Weapon

Download BonusPack2 (2 MB)


Bonus Pack 3 (Inoxx)
This pack only contains new levels.

CTF-Face][ (4-12 players)
CTF-High (8-16 players)
CTF-Nucleus (6-12 players)
CTF-Kosov (10-16 players)
DM-Crane (8-16 players)
DM-SpaceNoxx (2-6 players)

Download BonusPack3 (4.8 MB)

Bonus Pack 4
This pack contains two new player characters and 12 maps.

The characters are "Xan - Mark II," and "WarBoss."

Xan Mark II: After his defeat in the Tournament, Xan has been rebuilt from the ground up. He's stronger, faster, and a hell of a lot meaner looking.

WarBoss: Liandri researchers have been experimenting with recently uncovered Skaarj technology and have been implementing their results in a new model.
Dubbed "Warboss," he's the fastest and most agile robot ever produced.

Download BonusPack4 (14 MB)


Thats It Have Fun