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Forum Home > [475th] Mess Hall > My son is Mid Night Kat
My son is Mid Night Kat
Feb 01, 2018 7:52 PM
Non-member Joined: Feb 01, 2018
Posts: 3
After hearing that my son was banned and keeps bypassing your ban rules, I attempted to join your server on my own account so that I could to talk to the admins that were online. And... my account is banned. I guess he logged on my account at some point and got me banned. STEAM_0 : 1 : 811500

I talked to my son and he admitted that two days ago he said "latter bitches" and logged off. Mid Night Kat should not be a problem for a while. I deleted Day of defeat from his pc (which does not have a mic or the ability to use a mic, I thought it would help) and I grounded him. This is not the first server he has had issues with. Guys at NEO God were very helpful in alerting me of this a while back. A lot of them are old school and remember me from City of Refuge. In fact Slug in NEO GOD used to be "slow and old".

I would like to find out all that he did, said, etc. I am willing to talk to you an admin on skype, or over the phone, or what ever medium you feel comfortable with as to verify who I am.

Thank you and Godbless.
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Feb 01, 2018 8:35 PM
Krazee Greek Marauder - Joined: Jul 09, 2015
Posts: 54
Well, I am the one that has had the most contact with your "son".
He throws the F'bomb constantly. He thinks it is funny that he has between 15-25 steam ID's and he can keep popping in and mocking me and 73, another admin. It is a game with him and he thinks he is funny. Almost like he is making us work. It is very easy for us to see when he is on our server and it is even easier to ban him. So, it is really not a problem.

Like I said, I was going to let him play for a bit and see how he acted tonight.
But the fact that whoever was playing said "hi Greek" which he always does, and you said you are his father, I figured I would play along.

I used to be an admin on Neo and your son used to be a problem back then too when he was using Cane.

I have 3 boys as well and I know how they can be. However, rules are rules. Once someone is perma banned and if they try to bypass their original ban, they will never be allowed to play on our servers again. So, unfortunately he will never be unbanned.

Sorry and I hope this clears things up

Feb 02, 2018 11:35 AM
Non-member Joined: Feb 01, 2018
Posts: 3
Greek, I want to thank you for taking the time to get back with me.

I absolutely am NOT asking to have him unbanned from your server. I came here last night hoping to learn more about the extent of his behavior. We don't allow cussing in my house.

I am glad you are aware that he used to have problems on NeoGod. When I became aware of it, I got up with them and I thought the problem was resolved. One of the things I did was disable the mic port on his pc sound card, which is why I couldn't talk to you last night when I was on his PC.

If you ever want to talk about this in game, we can join neogods server and talk there. After 20 some plus accounts he has created, I would surprised if you were not still unconvinced.

Lastly, I take cyber bullying or "trolling" very seriously. I am a Sergent here in NC, and I've investigated many cases where, what people would say or do on the internet changes the second I am knocking on their door. The same goes for my son whom I love, but honestly isn't mature enough to understand the gravity of his own actions. Even at 15, what he says even on the internet matters.

From one father to another, I hope that uninstalling all of his shooter games adds a bit of reality. Maybe he can have them back later, but that will be on the condition that he does not return to your server.

Thank you.
Feb 02, 2018 1:11 PM
Krazee Greek Marauder - Joined: Jul 09, 2015
Posts: 54
When I get a minute, I will unban your account and we will meet up on one of our servers when it is not populated. I would rather keep Neo out of our problems.

Do not be too hard on him. He is a young man and hopefully he will learn from his mistakes. The internet is full of bad influences and kids nowadays have that "need to fit in" on their backs and usually act out when no one is looking. My oldest 2 never did, but my youngest would push the limits when he was on XBOX with his friends. I put a stop to that real quick.

I just feel bad that he spent all of that money on steam id's and we would ban them after a few days of use. I would actually see him on and would let him play for a while before banning him. I would spectate him with another player name and as soon as he broke a rule, he was gone.

Sorry it has to be this way. I tried getting a hold of you about a year ago. I went on the COR server and talked to one of your members. He said he would contact you and let you know what was going on. I never heard back so I figured I wasted my time.

So, good luck with you son and I will talk to you soon.

Feb 10, 2018 8:31 PM
Non-member Joined: Feb 01, 2018
Posts: 3
I really appreciate that Greek, being able to chat with you would be great. Also please let me know if my son somehow gets on. It would require him downloading the game, however, I doubt he will do this. If you ever have any problems in the future, you can contact me through steam. I sent you a friend invite.

It might be a while before I can join you in any game. I am having to work shift work, which is 12 hour rotations. At any rate, thank you and Godbless you for taking the time to listen to a fellow father.

If this is the last we ever speak, I again thank you for your understanding, and patience.