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New Dedicated Unit server
Just decieded to use up some old credit i had from GTX Gaming when i used to run Civil Warriors Clan that i was double billed on in 2014.
So i secured us a Arma 3 Server as well as the team speak server for 3 month period to see how it goes the server is a 30 slot server and does carry all maps and i will install a few mods for certian maps but not going to get carried away modding and changing things as I have no plans of spending allot of time admining or editing pbo files I want to have fun as well and a server with out trolls is that place for us.

Of course the server name is "Weed Express 1st Battalion"
The server ip is: port #: 2302
or you can use the quik launch from our units page in your arma game as well as the direct link for our team speak is listed their as well

Now maybe we can have a little peice from the trolls and just ban them with less hassel.
I am configering the server and will be talking to a few of you about mods and positions in the unit as I will need to whitelist our unit members to a priority slot availability in order for us all to be able to group up.
Jul 17, 2017 2:20 AM
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About Us
"WE 1st Bn" is an online gaming community with a focus on Arma 3, tactical realism, and infantry operations. We are looking to be a tight knit community of like minded gamers who enjoy playing as part of a team and strive for quality in our experience both in the tactics we employ as well as the content we create. The result is an intensely fun and organised experience.
"WE 1st Bn" is looking for a more casual approach to gaming and having fun while passing on the experience to newer players.
We see the Arma Units option as a ideal way to meet and group up with familiar players and members and have fun as a group.
The founder has been gaming for 20 plus years and has 15
plus years experience building and forming clans as well as being in the Arma community for 15 years. He has picked [show more]
Weed Express 1st Battalion
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