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Announcing the launching of AACL- Americas Army Competitive Leagues
Universal Soldiers Alliance is proud to announce the roll out of AACL, America's Army Competitive Leagues. Let's make 2019 the year of Comp in AAPG

Do you have a taste for some more competitive action in AAPG? Feel like you need a little bit more then just your average run and gun through Dark Room? (LOL)
Then look no further!! There has always been a hunger in this community for competitive game-play, but comp comes and goes for one reason or another, and I know, as many know, there is always a hunger for comp!!

So let's do it!!

This competitive league is dedicated to America's Army flagship platform, PC!!!

-[U|S|A]-JohnAbel, a Senior Admin for our clan and a pretty competitive player himself, has put the final touches into the website and league set up and has put together a really nice program!

This is a bracket style competition with 5v5 teams. Clans are encouraged to put a team together but you do not need to be in a clan to have a team, just get 5 of your friends together and sign up. Each team can have up to 10 members registered, 5 active players and 5 reservists.

Each team member must download MOSS, a full detail of MOSS and how to use it will be available on the League's website. You are also encouraged to join the league's discord, and the matches will all be live streamed via Twitch with a 2 minute delay in game playback.

What will you win?

Well for one you will be the first ever Champions of AACL!! And you will be the returning champions defending your title in the next season!! You also win an amazing experience, fun, and get to meet up with old and new friends who also share a love for competitive game play!

Our clan may be hosting this league, but we want this to be a community effort!! It will take YOU'RE commitment and YOU'RE talent to keep this going year after year, just like the old days in AA2 for those of us who remember that far back!! So we look forward to your input and help in making this new comp league a success for the whole community!!

Registration Begins Now and Ends March 1st, brackets will be set and matches announced at the end of registration.

You can head now to the AACL official website and sign your team up, please read all the rules, and be aware that all players signing up will have an ACI background check done by our Streaming Admins to insure fair game play.

Be sure to add this server to your favorites,

Bellow are links for your convenience.

AACL, America's Army Competitive League's official website,

AACL official discord,

MOSS, (Full Explanation on the website)

Host website,

Host discord,

Posted by nypdswat
Jan 21, 2019 4:36 PM