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New Recruitment
Welcome to the -[U|S|A]- Universal Soldiers Alliance Gaming Clan!!

We would like to announce that we have reopened recruitment applications into our clan, at this time we are only recruiting new Members and possible new Admins who play more then InnerHospital. We have mostly been known as an Inner Only 24/6 clan with the exception of SundayFunday rotating maps on our Inner Only Server. However, as of today we would like to invite members of the community who do like the other maps, into our family!! If you play AAPG, love the other official maps in this game, want to play on a protected and monitored server, that happens to be on a dedicated gaming server box we have, playing on SSD!! If you want to take ownership of a good rotation server, and be a part of a well established clan that loves the community, is committed to clean gaming, and likes to play a bunch of other games as well, then come on and sign up today!! Just create a website account, then click on the Apply Here tab at the top and fill out an app!! HOOAH! Also, rotation of maps is not set in gold, what is rotating now on that server is not what has to be, it is all up to the new members!!

Find us on Discord

Server Name For Rotation Server -[U|S|A]-Rotation/Now Recruiting-ACI-

All AAPG servers will change placement rank in Gametracker, so be sure to fill us up and get us back on top where we have been for over two years HOOAH!!

Happy Gaming!

-[U|S|A]- Co-Leaders Dannyboy, DominoSugar

Posted by nypdswat
Jun 02, 2018 11:31 PM