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Forum Home > General Discussion > In case you have L4D2...
In case you have L4D2...
Mar 22, 2013 4:27 PM
ToumaniSquirrel Member - Joined: Mar 15, 2012
Posts: 31
"Left 4 Dead 2 heroes Coach, Ellis, Rochelle, and Nick will be available as playable characters in Resident Evil 6's PC-exclusive No Mercy mode."

"Not only are Left 4 Dead 2 characters and creatures coming to Resident Evil 6, but the crossover will also work the other way around. Resident Evil 6 enemies Lepotitsa, Napad, and Ogroman will be available in Left 4 Dead 2 sometime this spring. Capcom said these enemies were created by Valve developers using Steam Workshop tools."
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Mar 23, 2013 8:42 AM
fifthsurvivor 5✝♓ ϟṲℝ✔ЇṼϴℝ - Joined: Jun 05, 2012
Posts: 205
I saw that announced on steam, and even though I thought it was cool, I find it kind of ironic. They did a crossover with another company rather than doing a crossover with their own game. If they can make a reason for the L4D2 survivors to be in the world of RE, then they can make a reason for them to be in L4D1 as well. I'd like to officially see the L4D2 survivors in the first game, kind of like how they are now on the server, but with their own voices of course. Probably not gonna happen on the official part.

Instead of just characters, I'd also like to see custom maps based on the Resident Evil games. If I ever sit take the time to learn to map, I'll make them myself.