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Forum Home > General Discussion > UKR Is Dead...Slightly Kicking.
UKR Is Dead...Slightly Kicking.
Feb 13, 2010 9:58 AM
DreamcastUK Founder - Joined: Jan 11, 2009
Posts: 6
(First things first - I think about 2 people will read this, and even skim at it at that. Any new people on the web site, i hope you have a read and understand the current situation within UKRockers. I will talk about in brief UKRockers Clan and Community, and what has happened in the past, and what we plan for the future. Thanks)

UKR Is Dead.....But Just Slightly Kicking.

Well its been like that a while now hasn't it. I Would say for a good 10-12 months, that the clan as a whole has been rapidly declining.
There is a number of reasons that we can attribute for this decline, but before that lets just go through (briefly) what UKRockers use to be.

We at UKRockers never claimed to be the best at anything, we always tried to give our all in matches, and always tried our best within the Community to create something special. I feel we created something special 10 years ago, when we created a Multi Format Clan. We started out on the likes of PC on Worms 2, and went forward onto other games and formats in the past on the likes of Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, and in the present on the likes of PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and even more PC.

We had successful teams on various games and platforms, and won some serious gaming ladders out there.

The PC side of UKRockers, which was has been mainly focussed (since our other team disbanded, from the likes of CS, Mohaa, and others) on Trackmania Nations and the add-ons in that series, branched out and merged into another clan on the PC, being very a successful Sister Clan of UKRockers, and a major force in PC Gaming on their dedicated gaming circuit clan called DR-UKR. That clan still is going very strong today, and even though, I'm not involved in the team over there, its a very proud feeling to know how its going over the last year since the merge, and how it continues to grow in its second year. Its something that i thank those members for taking a grasp of a part of UKRockers, and really starting to run with it. Well done guys and gals.

The console side of the clan continued to concentrate on the XBox 360, with the ease of use and community well suited to the 360 format, We had major teams, and regular matches on the Xbox systems, on the likes on Halo 2, FarCry, CoD 2, CoD3, Left 4 Dead, CoD:MW, and many more (mainly FPS) the like. It was a fun time to be within a community and clan on the Xbox and 360 (360 as our main focus as stated over the last 8 years), as well as being fortunate enough, that we all mostly still know each other online, and play together (be it less often), and even in some cases, have met up in the 'Real' world for gaming events and what nots.

We had the the older UKRockers Clan and Community site updating regularly, and looking back on the forums, we had a popular community be it will the regulars, and had over 20,000 posts (Click Classic UKR Forums on the link on the front page under quick details), which is good for a Gaming clan like ourselves, which was just a few mates, and a few general regulars of about 20-40 people, over a number of years, it was really a good time to be in a fun and serious gaming clan and community.

Unfortunately, all good things, as they say come to an end, and UKRockers as the clan and community certainly started to stutter over the last 12 months. Main problems included the main community focal point within the clan which was the UKRockers web site. Various downtime, errors, and general maintenance issues caused frustration within members, and at times, the main leaders were even unable to do the most basic tasks, causing issues to even create matches, and meetups that members can find out about. Fortunately though, alot of the members stuck by our sides through the web site problems, and found other ways for communications, via online services, or in game, but obviously with the development into a main clan and serious meet ups in the future, this certainly did not help, and caused a fair few ripples, which conributed to where we are in a big way today.

The other main issues over the last 12 months, was the unavailability of the main leaders within UKRockers, and the main team leaders on each game platform. Unfortunately no matter how we look at it, real life can take a hold of a passion and a hobby, and with 2 of our main leaders either getting married or becoming engaged, these commitments take so much time, that the clan itself took its toll, even on the standard issues like meetup and matches.
Even though 2 people becoming inactive might sound like nothing, but 1 being a site admin, and 2 being the main UKRockers Clan and Community leader, who sorts out all the teams and matches, and who is the real leader within the clan, that keeps it going, can really cause a few issues.

Due to a few of these reason, and many others, the clan side of UKRockers has faltered over the last half a year plus, with matches going haywire, and meetups not being completed, it really turned us into a shambles, not so much a shambles in the clan but more the turnout for members, and issues that occurred.

We are still trying to kick ourselves up the backsides a little, and hope that we can again create some teams on a few certain games in the future. In the last 4 months we have created a brand new UKRockers website, what you see today. Even though we may be limited at the moment, in what we can fully customise, we feel its alot cleaner and stable than before, and hope if our luck turns for the better, that this site will be something that we can rely on.

We have a little team competing on CoD:MW2 on PS3, and are looking at once again starting up our teams again on the likes of Left 4 Dead 2, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, even if its just a meet up a week, and a match every other week, just to keep the clan alive and hopefully a re boost that we need.

Over the next year will are doing a general meet up on the 10th Day of each month to mark UKRockers 10th Anniversary, as a multi format clan, and as far are we know, thats all we will be doing a a clan and community, which is running on its last legs. Next year might be different, and we have 10months to sort this, so lets hope we can do something special.

I will continue to update the web site with general gaming news, and try to get other aspects of the site (news, forums old results) all up to date, as in the end of the day its still a hobby and passion for me personally, and even if i only get 1 person visit the site, and have a read of the news, its something that i will continue to do.

In the mean time, if you would like to help UKRockers start again from fresh, then please be aware that hard work will have to be done, and that not all things are as easy as 123. Routes will need to be taken, and leadership will need to be sorted, but if anyone can start again, i feel its UKRockers.

Thanks for reading, and even if its just the 1 person that read this, that I'm sure it will be, i hope you get a little insight in the issues of what has occurred for UKRockers over the last 12 months, and how things once were, and what we hope they might go back to in the next year.

Please try and realise how much effort goes in to creating a clan and continuing a clan, and a multi format one at that. Trying to keep everyone happy, just doesn't work without the help from the members themselves, and in some cases that help was never received, and even though no blame goes to members for that, i hope that if UKRockers are still kicking that ever so slightly, we as a whole clan and community do some other things differently.

Thanks again

Daniel (UKR Show)
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