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UKRockers hints a return?!
There have been talks with former members of UKRockers that the clan may return to take part in small clan matches on PC and Consoles.

Watch this space for more news to follow
Oct 11, 2015 9:48 AM
UKRockers - 10th Anniversary
UKRockers has a Idea of what we can do for our 10th Anniversary meetup on the '10th' day of every month , We will meetup on the games that 'Made' UKRockers which I think would be quite good to get everyone back on even just for one day per month.

Some games like CounterStrike could be PC and XBOX , Unreal Championship has to be Unreal Championship 2 as it Unreal Championship isn't Xbox 360 enabled.

Quake 3 Arena will be PC Vs Dreamcast when its patched up right.

Halo 2 can be for PC and XBOX Users but wont be able to play verus each other.
Far Cry can be the XBOX version on 360 or even the 360 Version but its well cheap now.

10th Jan 2010 - Call Of Duty 2
10th Feb 2010 - Return To Castle Wolfenstein
10th March 2010 - CounterStrike
10th April 2010 - Unreal Championship 2
10th May 2010 - Medal of Honour AA
10th June 2010 - Outrun
10th July 2010 - Call Of Duty 3
10th Aug 2010 - Far Cry 2
10th Sept 2010 - Worms 2 or Worms XBLA
10th Oct 2010 - Saints Row 2
10th Nov 2010 - Quake 3 Arena
10th Dec 2010 - Halo 3

Full post here -
Jan 17, 2010 9:07 PM
No Remorse*o9 - Cancel Clan Match
UKRockers where set to have its first clan match tonight as part of the GameBattles Left 4 Dead ladder vs No Remorse*o9 , but they have backed out the reason for this is they confirmed it for the wrong date so they are likely to rechallenge us again.

This gives us tonight free for trainning or even look around for another match play tonight.
Sorry but if you turn up tonight it will only be UKR vs All or trainning for next weeks confirmed match.
Jan 13, 2009 12:59 PM
Two New Members Join
UKRockers welcomes two new members to the L4D PC team, [UKR]Spendy and [UKR]Speedy join the UKRockers ranks the team lead by [UKR]Show looks to do the same impact as the 360 Team.

Last night [UKR]Show was playing Left 4 Dead online where the news broke out with a great meetup and the fact that UKRockers has a Left 4 Dead team got people interested.

Lets see if we have anymore people wishing to join and we welcome you both to the UKRockers Left 4 Dead team on the PC and we will be doing clan matches as part of GameBattles
Jan 13, 2009 12:58 PM
UKRockers First L4D Clan Match (UK v USA)
UKRockers has its first clan match on the 12th Jan 2009 for the XBOX 360 version of the game, We are hoping to get off to a good start as part of the GameBattles Ladder.

Lead by UKR DreamcastUK the team will go head to head verus No Remorse*o9 on Monday 12th Jan 2009 at 8PM.
Jan 13, 2009 12:58 PM
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GB Founder
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UKRockers became the first Multi Format Online Gaming Clan back in 2000


UKRockers was formed by three friends known as James , Daniel and Steve who hosted a network gaming event for the Richard House Fund as part of a school event in the year 2000.

Where people came along and paid a small fee to play online (network) gaming which was very sucessful and we raised over £100 not bad for two hours work where people only paid 50p / £1 per game.
The Games we had on display where Team Fortess , Daytona USA - We when wanted to do this as a past time getting people together to play online games.

Having finished school (six form) we then focused on meeting up online and calling ourselfs 'UKRockers' due to the simple fact that we was from the UK and that we was and stil [show more]
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