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Submarine Assets Ported
An epic vehicle model has been ported to SWBF by Phobos for TWD Mod. During Season 5 and beyond the Submarine is playable. To download these assets & for more updates be sure to visit

Posted by fcrage   1 Comment
Jul 13, 2017 2:31 PM
10 Main Zombie Types
10 Main Zombie Types
Shambler - Slower than walkers and extremely rotted, they use mostly smell to detect prey (high radar)
Walker - The most common type of zombie. Faster than shamblers but slower than runners, they use sound to hunt humans (medium radar)
Runner - Much faster than walkers, freshly turned sprinting zombies that rely on sight to find their next meal (low radar)
Brutes - Armored zombies such as police, SWAT, military, and chainmail zombies. These have helmets and other types of body armor for enhanced protection. Each type of brute has a walker and runner variant, all of which sometimes drop ammo when killed. These have the highest HP of all brutes, cop brutes have the lowest.
Crawler - Slowest zombies of all, these have no legs, they crawl silently and often sneak around to hidden sniper locations, able to pull enemies down to the ground. Cop crawlers sometimes drop ammo.
Boomer/Bloater - Faster than crawlers but slower than shamblers, Bloaters have the highest HP of all human zombies, though they are 2x weaker to fire and explosive damage. Bloaters vomit deadly toxic bile at enemies from a short distance. They also explode when killed, releasing deadly fumes. The Boomer is a weaker version of the Bloater. Melee combat is not recommended against either Bloaters or Boomers, but should be timed and coordinated properly when required.
Zombie Dog - Z Dogs are very fast zombies, which have slightly more health than Z cops. They also jump frantically around the map and move in unpredictable patterns to avoid being shot at. Zombified canines can smell players from anywhere (max radar) and are considered extremely dangerous, they should be killed on sight. Due to the dog model being unrigged, currently they are not animated, and appear to hover and float around the map.
Zombie Bear - Z Bears are ferocious creatures. They run slightly faster than Z Dogs, but slower than Z Lions. Their attacks are twice as deadly as the Z Lions. They are so aggressive that they don't strafe like the dogs and lions, rather they charge directly at their prey.
Zombie Lion - Z Lions are much more dangerous than Z Dogs. Zombie Lions are the fastest zombies of all and a present a huge threat on the battlefield, but are rare to spawn. They also try to dodge attacks and jump around with unpredictable movement patterns.
Zombie Elephant - Z Elephants are the deadliest and rarest zombies in the game, with tons of HP. Zombified elephants run as fast as humans, charging directly at their prey like Z Bears. They use their tusks and aggressive stomping to mercilessly decimate enemies. Their attacks are instantly lethal, and they have been known to crush even the most powerful armored vehicles during their furious rampages. Massive firepower and/or explosives are required to bring down a Zelephant, don't even think about using melee...
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jul 13, 2017 2:16 PM
TWD Battlefront - SWBFSpy Updated Distribution
The Walking Dead Battlefront is by far the greatest SWBF1 mod of all time. v0.95 and above is only to be hosted privately for active members of the community, due to hostility towards SWBFModders.

v0.94 can be downloaded here
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jul 12, 2017 9:06 AM
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