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ZeroFront v0.99 will be the most censored/plagiarized SWBF mod on the internet

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Feb 20, 2024 6:01 AM
The Walking Dead ZeroFront v0.98
Official Download

Installer Compressed @ 2.4GB
Extra Files = 1.4 GB (shell.MVS + common.BNK + 10 planet sound LVLs)
Total Size for Extracted game files, sound and movies = 18GB, 1300 Files

328 maps featured for GCW and CW instant action! 11 seasons and over 100 maps featured for Walking Dead Campaign! Other modes such as AWC, DiabloFront and Prototype Campaign mods also featured!

---- ZeroFront missionlist updated 231227
---- Total maps in shell: 328
---- Playable maps: 289
---- Semi-Playable** maps (bugged collision): 13
---- Placeholder* maps: 26
---- 106 Planets: Abridon, Adairea, Alderaan, Alzoc III, Amador, Arvala-7, Asteroid, Azterri, Bakura, Batuu, Bespin, Bestine IV, Boz Pity, Carlac, Cato Neimoidia, Chandrila, Concord Dawn, Corellia, Coronet, Coruscant, Dagobah, Dantooine, Dathomir, Death Star, Dobido, D'Qar, Duulan, Dxun Moon, Earth, Endor, Europa, Felucia, Galidraan, Geonosis, Haruun Kal, Honoghr, Hoth, Io, Jaabim, Jakku, Jaroona, Kamino, Karccev, Kashyyyk, Kejim, Kessel, Kohlma, Korriban, Kothilis, Lehon, Lektu, Lothal, Luna, Malachor, Malastare, Mars, Methlyn, Mon Calamari, Mortal Realm, Mudrec, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Myrkr, Naboo, Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Nebulon, Nibiru, Ord Mantell, Orto Plutonia, Ossus, Phobos, Polis Massa, Ptegeia, Quarzite, Ranen, Raxus Prime, Rhen Var, Ruuria, Ruusan, Ryloth, Saleucami, Scarif, Space, Sullust, Sulon, Svolten, Talay, Taspir III, Tantive IV, Tatooine, Teth, Thule Moon, Thyferra, Titan, Tranquan, Trigon, Triton, Tynna, Umbara, Utapau, Venus, Vjun, Xylia, Yavin IV, Ziost

Phobos Note 231231
It's been a long journey for the Walking Dead: ZeroFront mod, as well as our mod team and fans. The legendary v0.98 has finally dropped as of 231231. We went from less than 100 stock maps to over 300 during the last few months of 2023, with several having been ported from SWBFII. Thousands of hours, and the efforts of over 100 modders (including even some of the game's developers) have went into this mod's creation. ZeroFront is by far the greatest mod EVER made for SWBF (2004). Only a small banned cult of seething envious loser trolls have attempted to insult/plagiarize/censor the TWDZF team, but they failed miserably.

In addition to all of the epic new stock maps, The Walking Dead Campaign has been extended and is now on the 12th season (World War Z) of development, with prototypes released already for Dead City maps and more. Battles take place across 4 continents in S12 alone! The world of the walking dead is really expanding since the end of the comic and flagship TV series. New locations, characters, cutscenes, sound effects, weapons, vehicles, enemies and zombie variants are being added! Ideas are being mapped out for S13 and possibly beyond. For more really cool insight see this thread
Seasons 12-13 Campaign Structure

Phobos has also updated the SWBFSpy master server, and BF1-PC game servers with the new ZeroFront v0.98 mods, along with the gametracker/github/vimeo community pages. We also consolidated all of the BF1-PC, BF2-PC, BF1-PS2, BF2-PS2, and NMRiH-PC servers, so that we now have only 5 game servers running (instead of 7-10), for 3 games, across 2 platforms.

Going into 2024 will be one of the biggest years ever for the SWBF community, as well as the TWDZF modding team. This is because on September 21st the game will be exactly 20 years old, so that is the day we have chosen to release TWD ZeroFront v0.99, which is the penultimate build of the mod -- as far as TWD campaign goes -- but there will also be ZeroFront post-v1.0 releases for new mod/hack additions. We plan on having at least 400-500 playable stock maps by then. As of today, the final day of 2023, there are 302 playable stock maps in the mission LUA + shell missionlist.

Celebrate our epic new mod build in the SWBFSpy servers (IP on ports 3658 and 3660. We're hosting a special event today at 5PM EST on SWBFSpy with the new mods! All CW/GCW, Alien Wars, Boot Camp and Tournament related maps are on the first server, with all zombies and diablofront mods on the 2nd. The new mod patch compresses all the way down to 2.5GB yet is 18GB when fully extracted! Thanks and happy new years to the SWBFmodders crew for keeping the community going, the websites and servers running, and creating such epic new content for the game! :cheers:

Yearly Progress:
2009-2014: NOTLD and prototype mods
2015: v0.5 - v0.8
2016: v0.84 - v0.9
2017: v0.91 - v0.96
2018-2019: v0.97
2020: v0.976
2021-2022: v0.979
2023: v0.98

April 2013 - Ideas about TWD mod first discussed by Phobos and Wolf in the Zombie Conquest mod OpenSpy server
July 2013 - Ideas about TWD mod discussed publicly by Phobos and Helios, ZeroFront outline "Improvements to 1.2 SWBF source" posted by Phobos @
September 2013 - SWBFSpy master server project created by Phobos and Wolf, Zombie Space Conquest outline posted by Phobos @
November 2013 - SWBFSpy master server outline notes by Wolf @ + +
December 2013 - SWBFSpy leaderboards outline notes by Phobos @
March 2014 - Development of TWDBF begins as a private mod project @
April 2014 - ZeroFront outline "BF2 to BF1 stock maps shell mod" posted by Phobos @
Halloween 2014 - NOTLD mod released publicly
November 2014 - TWDBF mod development announced publicly
January 2015 - v0.50 First mod demo, Private development board added for TWDBF discussions @
June 2015 - v0.60
July 2015 - v0.65
September 2015 - Release of ZeroFront (previously called ZeroEdition) INVISadmin v0.1 by Phobos @
October 2015 - v0.75 "ZeroFront Ultimate Skill Guide" posted by Phobos @
June 2016 - v0.84 Launch of fake sites which no longer exist
July 2016 - v0.85
August 2016 - v0.86
September 2016 - v0.88
October 2016 - v0.90
January 2017 - v0.91 Early Access mod demo released to the public
March 2017 - v0.92
April 2017 - v0.93
May 2017 - v0.94 Seasons 1-2 (levels 1-12) finished, Final mod build released to the public due to hostility towards SWBFModders
June 2017 - Previous fake domains are deleted permanently, Launch of real main websites and, Mod distribution becomes private only forever
July 2017 - v0.95 Several trolls banned from the SWBF community for trying to censor, plagiarize and hijack Phobos' creations
Halloween 2017 - v0.96
December 2017 - v0.963 Launch of
February 2018 - v0.967 Launch of mod promotional channel @
May 2018 - SWBFSpy master server becomes fully operational, official TWD server upgraded
March 2019 - SWBFSpy leaderboards finished
Halloween 2019 - v0.97 Seasons 1-4 (levels 1-28) finished, First build to merge both TWD and ZeroFront mods, adding new campaigns/eras for Alien Wars and DiabloFront.
January 2020 - v0.971
February 2020 - v0.972
March 2020 - v0.973
September 2020 - v0.974 First build to release the mod installer as a stand-alone game to C:\ZeroFront
October 2020 - Secondary public mod page relocated from trolldb (which, along with several more jealous poser trolls who failed to censor and plagiarize TWDZF + ZeroBuilder, is now banned from SWBFSpy) to GameTracker. Also various public mirror relocations for all previously released public mods/tools which were censored on now-banned fake troll spam sites.
Halloween 2020 - v0.975 Features 175+ stock maps with 5 eras, 10+ custom campaigns, custom galactic conquest, and other new game modes. TWD campaign features 175+ weapons, 100+ units, and 8 seasons of playable maps (61 levels, with 50 playable in MP), with more prototypes under construction for Seasons 1-12. All epic new original SWBF content by Phobos!
December 2020 - v0.976 First build to include 13 encryption ciphers with 20 passwords/keys for absolute protection from unauthorized access. Major bugfix and mission rebalance patch.
April 2021 - v0.977
June 2021 - v0.978
Halloween 2021 - v0.979
February 2022 - Launch of secondary mod promotional channel @
March 2022 - v0.9793
March 2023 - v0.9794
June 2023 - v0.9796
September 2023 - v0.9797
December 2023 - v0.98 The largest update in the history of the game, first build to include both a seperate SWBFSpy and Steam version. Enormous bugfixes, new features, new missions, unlocked limitations, rebalances, and more. Also the first build to include a public sample demo since v0.94. Features 300+ stock maps with 5 eras, 10+ custom campaigns, custom galactic conquest, and other new game modes. TWD campaign features 200+ weapons, 100+ units, 50+ vehicles and 11 seasons of playable maps (100+ levels, with at least 90% playable in MP)
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Dec 30, 2023 9:29 AM
Walking Dead Mod Hacks 2023
SWBFSpy Newsletter Week 528

SWBFSpy Newsletter Week 536

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Dec 04, 2023 3:13 AM
The Walking Dead ZeroFront
Bookmark these URLs to stay up to date with The Walking Dead ZeroFront development news:
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Oct 03, 2023 7:33 AM
trollstar banned from TWD
Sucks to see thegangstar start drama and infest others with modphobia, he did that before. Glad to see SWBFModders still hosting and building TWDBF, really cool how we banned the trolls and keeping the game alive strong! ICW7 was very nostalgiac, nobody cares about gangstar's fake spam xD

The Walking Dead ZeroFront - Extended Mod Credits v0.976 @

2020 Update: Note that trolldb is banned from SWBFspy & no longer allowed to host Phobos mods
For info about trolldb getting banned from swbfspy, go here
Summary: More poser trolls got triggered in Oct 2020, very jealous of ZeroFront and ZeroBuilder, so they attempted to censor and plagiarize Phobos' mods and mod tools for themselves, but failed horribly, and got banned + exposed. Same for trollasite as of Dec 2020.
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jun 02, 2019 9:16 AM
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