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CS: Global Offensive Launched
trP Community has launched 2 Pub servers of 30 slots each.

Please enjoy.
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Aug 21, 2012 4:57 PM
Battlefield Bad Company 2
The Rushing Party has launched two 32 Slot Battlefield Bad Company 2 Servers. One server is located in New York City, while the other is in Chicago. Our BFBC2 staff is actively recruiting quality individuals to the Community. Please join us in our Pubs or on Ventrilo.
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Mar 02, 2010 11:38 PM
Left 4 Dead
The Rushing Party Gaming community has vested interest in the release of L4D. Its our goal to facilitate a place for gamers to play, and we felt the need to make available 3 servers to the gaming Public and our Members. Enjoy!
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Dec 12, 2008 7:08 AM
Jail Break Server
We recently added our version of a Prison/Jail Break Mod to our Fleet of servers. Please join us for a good time. Anyone in need of a map pack can download them off of our website. Simply click the downloads link on the left and follow the instructions.
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Nov 12, 2008 11:54 AM
trP Dodge Ball Server
Hey Everyone! The Rushing Party has just introduced a DODGE BALL DEMOLITION Server. Please join the server and HAVE FUN! The IP is listed beneath or........
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Sep 02, 2008 9:55 PM
Team Fortress 2 Server
Its Up and running. Please check it out!
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Aug 29, 2008 3:10 PM
GunGame Server Up and Running
Hey everyone, just make note that our GunGame server is up and running. The DeathMatch server will be adjusted and fixed to follow soon.
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
May 27, 2008 1:20 PM
Join us for the Upcoming Cal Season
We are looking for Mature Gamers interested in competitive gaming. Visit us at for more information. Applications to clan are welcome.
Posted by yihya   0 Comments
Apr 08, 2008 4:19 PM
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|trP| YihyaAyash |CL|
US Community Leader
|trP| TonsOkills |CL|
US Community Leader
|trP| DeviousX |CL|
US Community Leader
|trP| irobot |CL|
US Community Leader
|trP| SuburbanCommando |CL|
CA Community Leader
|trP| Trojan USC |M|
US Community Officer
|trP| retardedmushroom |M|
CA Community Officer
|trP| MousE |M|
CA Community Officer
|trP| Michael Scarn |CO|
US Community Officer
|trP| corn |M|
US Community Member
|trP| Psycotic Rabbits |M|
VE Community Member
|trP| Darth Nader |M|
US Community Member
|trP| BreakroomMNG |M|
US Community Member
|trP| MILD $AUCE |M|
US Community Member
|trP| I'm ToO sExY |CL|
VE Community Member
|trP| Boon |M|
DK Community Member
|trP| takata |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| Trigg³r |M|
GB Community Member
|trP| sgt. grumbles |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| xxxjamal |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| AndyPerfect |M|
US Community Member
|trP| 13lackfang |M|
US Community Member
|trP| Kavinsky |M|
AF Community Member
| trP | Futuristicswagg |M|
US Community Member
|trP| T & F |M|
US Community Member
|trP| TwiztidGhost |M|
US Community Member
|trP| ¡EêK! |M|
US Community Member
|trP| el gant |M|
US Community Member
|trP| hack.AnGeL |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| stan_darsh |M|
US Community Member
|trP| Silent^ |M|
US Community Member
|trP| camarada_candiotti |M|
US Community Member
|trP| A-Nom Fresh |M|
US Community Member
|trP| sgt.stix |M|
US Community Member
|trP| Wawa |M|
A0 Community Member
|trP| Ca$h |M|
US Community Member
|trP| WMW |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| bower |M|
CA Community Member
|trP| Krazzieee Nutz[!]
US Community Member
|trP| CluTcH |M|
CA Community Member
Rank Gm Name   Players Loc Map
1203 24/7 Dust2 NYC Pub 1- No AWPs/Auto 0/34 United States de_dust2
51 trP Community Ventrilo Join 0/100 United States Ventrilo
About Us
The Rushing Party is a well organized gaming community that is managed by its Members. Our intentions are to provide the best quality gaming experience for our Members and Gamers through a wide range of services such as our servers and website.

Join us on Ventrillo!
Port: 11330

We have a scrim server for our competitive gaming teams as well as tournament servers for the relative CG events. Although The Rushing Party Community has a strong foundation in CSS, we are currently also planning to expand our server listings as well as reach out to other games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2, Day of Defeat Source, Left 4 Dead, L4D2 and the Call of Duty series.
The Rushing Party
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