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Phobos reaches 12,000 SWBF hours
Today on 9-10-19 I've reached 12,000 hours of recorded SWBF hours. Since I started playing in 2005, that's an average of 857 hours per year. It just goes to show how much replay value ZeroFront has added, which I've been working on original mods and ideas for since 2008. Most of my in-game hours were from 2010-2014, and I've been the most active+skilled player in the game since 2009. Xfire was used to log over 11,000 hours until it shut down in 2015. Over the past 4 years I've played more than 1,000 hours, but most of it wasn't logged on EvolveHQ, which also shut down in 2018. Since March 2019 however, Phobos has created SWBFSpy Leaderboards, which continue logging where previous records left off. Going into 2020 and beyond we are fortunate to now have our own permanent stats system for the entire SWBF community, all thanks to the efforts of Phobos -- also Wolf, CHC, and Luigi, who were the next biggest contributors for SWBFSpy.

Even more awesome is all the new features, awards, tutorials, tournaments, servers, and much more that Phobos is constantly building for the community -- things that banned poser trolls have never even been capable of contributing, especially failed nobodies such as led, ahou, gdh92, 212vixo, etc. Our services won't be shutting down anytime soon, SWBFSpy is here to stay for many decades thanks to the awesome SWBFModders team! Join us by installing the patch @ :cheers:

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Sep 10, 2019 11:11 AM
gistech trolling again summer 2019
Gistech stalking and trolling again, see

this guy really has no shame, he just keeps trolling
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Jul 31, 2019 7:17 PM
SWBFSpy Leaderboards Awards & Time Tracker
- SWBFSpy Leaderboards Awards & Time Tracker |
SWBFSpy Leaderboards update features Xfire/EvolveHQ/ hours importer

I've updated the leaderboards script again today, now it imports all my previous xfire/evolveHQ/ hours that were recorded in order to continue logging my total SWBF hours!

Note that the SWBFModders community does NOT consider Steam to be a trustworthy or reliable platform for logging SWBF1 hours. They won't let you import previous hours from other platforms, and they will randomly hack your account if the admins get "too jealous" of you. So, we will log steam hours seperately, but not include them here.

If anyone else has their previous xfire hours saved (I have some for other [FC] members still) then once you start logging hours on SWBFSpy Leaderboards, I can add import your previous records too.

Now we can indefinitely continue logging hours on our own platform without having to worry about any MS or time tracker services shutting down :cheers:

Current Values
Phobos Award
Phobos Total Kills = 21969
Phobos Total Time = 12.3 hours
Phobos Hours = 11676.2
Phobos Grand Total Hours = 11688.5 hours

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May 17, 2019 10:14 AM
SWBF1 Released on Steam! True SWBFSpy guide here
also mirrored to

check out the threads for more news and troll exposure!

What's the deal with this Led / Buckler Troll spamming lies about us?
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
May 04, 2019 3:34 PM
SWBFSpy Leaderboards - Announcement #13

TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains 100% proof that SWBFSpy admin Phobos created the SWBFSpy Leaderboards in March 2019. The cult of angry trolls who failed to both stop me and plagiarize my creations (including SWBFSpy) are forever banned and can't even access the new website! March 29, 2019 was a monumental breakthrough in SWBF History -- the Official SWBFSpy Leaderboards are now completely functional thanks to Phobos!!!

In the video you see how when I join a server, the lists are all updated once per minute to add my new stats in to the stored values for the old stats. Kills, deaths, and total time played are tracked accordingly -- this is more than gametracker does and our services will be around much longer too. The SWBFSpy leaderboards are a complex set of SQL & PHP scripts that MS technician Phobos wrote from scratch to work with the OpenSpy protocols -- they're included with the new SWBFSpy Master Source v190331 for SWBFSpy administrators only!

A) SWBFSpy Leaderboards = Order by Rank of most kills, Server ID Number, Player Name, Total Kills, Total Deaths, Kill Death Ratio, Total Time Played in minutes, Last Ping, Last Online
B) SWBFSpy Server Tracker = Order by Server ID Number, Shows IP Address and Port, Password Icon, Server Name, Current Map, Ticks Per Second, Max Players, Current Players
C) SWBFSpy Online Players = Order by Rank, Player Name, Current Kills, Current Deaths, Current Ping, Last Online
D) Active Game Server Stats = Shows advanced stats for any servers that have 1 or more players online such as: teamplay, teamdamage, autoaim, heroes, numaim, reinforcements, aidifficulty, showplayernames, invincibilitytime
E) SWBF Community Links = Links to all the SWBF community websites and services, including announcement of SWBFSpy leaderboards being finished in March 2019.
F) Restricted Access = Only whitelisted IPs authorized by Phobos in the SWBFSpy firewall have access to the website, all other IPv4 subnets are blocked due to trolls.
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Mar 31, 2019 2:01 PM
SWBFSpy is hosting the ICW7 tournament for SWBF1! Find out more @

Update: [FC] wins!
Posted by fcrage   1 Comment
Jan 03, 2019 11:04 AM
SWBFSpy Official Trailer #1
Greetings. Multiplayer has returned for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on PC and PS2 using multiplayer patch! The [FC] and SWBF community website connects everyone both PC and PS2 with our fully functional GameSpy replacement master server. We keep the game alive with monthly events, tournaments, and new mods being released all the time. Visit the [FC] to rejoin the active SWBF community.

DylanRocket / TheGodzillaKing Troll Exposed @

See why the nazi trolls got banned @
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jul 19, 2018 1:47 PM
SWBFSpy is now fully operational!
SWBFSpy is now fully operational for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on the PC and PS2! I'm currently testing XBOX support.
Next you must contact Phobos/Rage to be whitelisted on SWBFSpy in order to play in the servers. To learn more visit

LedTroll & AnyderTroll have been banned from SWBFSpy due to jealousy of my inventions and trying to kill the SWBF community. Their FAKEspy ms and failed servers are weak ripoffs of my creations. They abused what little power I temporarily gave them to try and usurp my administration of SWBFSpy. They failed and I built the MS anyway, disproving their lies once and for all. Their plagiarist troll cult got banned too.

Visit for more information or if you have trouble joining the server.

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
May 24, 2018 8:34 AM
Download Official SWBFSpy Patch
The Official SWBFSpy Patch is needed to play SWBF online since the death of GameSpy:

SWBFSpy Patch for SWBF1 and SWBF2
Provided by and

Special thanks to:

- Luigi, Soneek, & Masaq: for creating the OpenSpy Masterserver and sharing files from it.
- Wolf: for his time outlining important notes and instructions for assembling the masterserver.
- Phobos: for the domain and the creation of SWBFSpy, along with the desire to maintain the community and keep SWBF alive, and also for the hexedits.


- Official SWBFspy Patch for Star Wars Battlefront I and II -
This is the official public download of the SWBFSpy patch for both SWBF1 and SWBF2. Also included are patched executables for server hosts. To install the client patch, backup and replace the file Battlefront.exe located here - C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData

If you don't want to use these patches you can manually create one yourself. First make a copy of the original BF1 or BF2 exe, then open in a hex editor such as HxD, and change every instance of "" to ""

-SWBFSpy Credits-
Luigi, Soneek, & Masaq - Original coding of the previous master server and releasing the source code
Phobos - All hex edits, Improving the master server code with leaderboard support, Hosting the master server, Purchasing the SWBFSpy domain
Phobos & Wolf - Inventing the SWBFSpy project in September 2013
Jake & BattleBelk - Discovering and sharing hex edits for certain hacks

Basic Edition - includes the official SWBFSpy patch, Radar, and No CD fix
Premium Edition - includes the official SWBFSpy patch, Radar, No CD fix, ChatView, HealthAmmoView, MapView, and ReinforcementsView

ProCam and XhairDot are disabled by default, players can customize the hacks by enabling or disabling the ones they want

SWBF hosts = SWBFSpy hosts file for Star Wars Battlefront (2004) by Pandemic
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Feb 16, 2018 10:32 PM
SWBFSpy Community Server Events
SWBF Community members be sure to join the SWBF Mod Nights and SWBFSpy Gathering PC & PS2 server events on the first Saturday and Sundays every month! Read this thread for details of our next event
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Sep 20, 2017 11:47 PM
SWBF Community Projects - 2017
SWBF Community Projects - 2017
- Forum
- Master Server
- TWD Battlefront Mod
- ZeroFront Expansion
- ZeroBuilder Tools

These are the projects currently under development by the Star Wars Battlefront community. Soon our new forum launches, which has recovered over 90% of the content that was censored from the previous forum. Long live SWBF!
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Jul 19, 2017 3:41 PM
Official SWBFSpy Community GameTracker Page
Official SWBFSpy Community GameTracker Page
SWBFSpy is the substitute of the GameSpy master server.
In September 2013, Phobos started the SWBFSpy project and coined the name. [FC]Wolf assisted with the project in the beginning before he retired. The bulk of coding was developed mainly by Luigi, Soneek, and Masaq, the creators of OpenSpy.

Special thanks to all the SWBFSpy Team members who contributed to this project. We're looking for active members to join our team, those who are interested may contact SWBFSpy | Phobos

The Administration of SWBFSpy includes Phobos, the Master Server Technician and SWBF Community Leader. Moderators of the game servers include SirPimped and Elite, who have helped support our project in many ways.

Official SWBFSpy Team Members (Past & Present)
Phobos = Admin & Coder & Founder
Wolf = Coder & Co-Founder
Luigi = Coder
Soneek = Coder
Masaq = Coder
SirPimped = Promoter
Elite = Promoter

All the official SWBFSpy Info can be found here: SWBFSpy Info Center powered by

Announcements, updates, and soon the official patches can be downloaded from links contained on the SWBFModders Homepage, our new community website which also launches soon! If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steam.
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jul 06, 2017 10:58 AM
Official SWBFSpy Team & Info
SWBFSpy is being developed by Phobos as the originally planned version of SWBFSpy from 2013, with enhanced features such as the leaderboards and SWBFSpy account support. It is currently not released to the public yet, but when it is ready, will be available as the primary download via

Phobos - Master Server Manager & Community Leader

Go here for info on how to hex edit the EXE manually
Downloads will be posted once the new MS is functional for all versions of SWBF1 and SWBF2, PC and PS2, client and server host, every patch version, for

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jun 10, 2017 4:20 PM
SWBFSpy History
SWBFSpy is the new Master Server replacement for GameSpy. Originally devised by Phobos and Wolf in 2013, the bulk of coding was done by Luigi & Soneek & Masaq from the OpenSpy project. Currently the MS is being improved for testing leaderboards support.
Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
May 05, 2017 7:05 PM
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Official SWBFSpy Community Page master server for SWBF community!

We are the first to rebuild leaderboards based on GameSpy! 100% functional as of March 2019.

Provided by the official SWBFSpy developer team @
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