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Phobos reaches 12,000 SWBF hours
Today on 9-10-19 I've reached 12,000 hours of recorded SWBF hours. Since I started playing in 2005, that's an average of 857 hours per year. It just goes to show how much replay value ZeroFront has added, which I've been working on original mods and ideas for since 2008. Most of my in-game hours were from 2010-2014, and I've been the most active+skilled player in the game since 2009. Xfire was used to log over 11,000 hours until it shut down in 2015. Over the past 4 years I've played more than 1,000 hours, but most of it wasn't logged on EvolveHQ, which also shut down in 2018. Since March 2019 however, Phobos has created SWBFSpy Leaderboards, which continue logging where previous records left off. Going into 2020 and beyond we are fortunate to now have our own permanent stats system for the entire SWBF community, all thanks to the efforts of Phobos -- also Wolf, CHC, and Luigi, who were the next biggest contributors for SWBFSpy.

Even more awesome is all the new features, awards, tutorials, tournaments, servers, and much more that Phobos is constantly building for the community -- things that banned poser trolls have never even been capable of contributing, especially failed nobodies such as led, ahou, gdh92, 212vixo, etc. Our services won't be shutting down anytime soon, SWBFSpy is here to stay for many decades thanks to the awesome SWBFModders team! Join us by installing the patch @ :cheers:

Posted by fcrage
Sep 10, 2019 11:11 AM