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SWBFSpy Leaderboards Awards & Time Tracker
- SWBFSpy Leaderboards Awards & Time Tracker |
SWBFSpy Leaderboards update features Xfire/EvolveHQ/ hours importer

I've updated the leaderboards script again today, now it imports all my previous xfire/evolveHQ/ hours that were recorded in order to continue logging my total SWBF hours!

Note that the SWBFModders community does NOT consider Steam to be a trustworthy or reliable platform for logging SWBF1 hours. They won't let you import previous hours from other platforms, and they will randomly hack your account if the admins get "too jealous" of you. So, we will log steam hours seperately, but not include them here.

If anyone else has their previous xfire hours saved (I have some for other [FC] members still) then once you start logging hours on SWBFSpy Leaderboards, I can add import your previous records too.

Now we can indefinitely continue logging hours on our own platform without having to worry about any MS or time tracker services shutting down :cheers:

Current Values
Phobos Award
Phobos Total Kills = 21969
Phobos Total Time = 12.3 hours
Phobos Hours = 11676.2
Phobos Grand Total Hours = 11688.5 hours

Posted by fcrage
May 17, 2019 10:14 AM