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new community page: please join!

Invite all your friends too!!
Posted by garfieldh   1 Comment
Jan 30, 2011 3:38 PM
UK VIP ESCAPE! presents the much loved UK VIP ESCAPE Server, opening on the 4th September 2010.

EST - 5PM (GMT -5)

GMT (UK) - 10PM

CST - 4PM (GMT -6)

MST - 3PM (GMT -7)

GMT (Netherlands) - 11PM (GMT +1)

This server expands to our ever growing list of popular servers, make sure you're here for the opening of UK VIP ESCAPE. Favourite 27015
Posted by garfieldh   0 Comments
Aug 29, 2010 11:47 AM
Ownership changes @ SG

"I would like to inform everyone that I have entered into a partnership with GarfieldH. GarfieldH has purchased half of this community and is now CO-OWNER with me. This is a sudden change but I feel will be a good one moving forward. Garfield has a lot to offer this community and now has additional motivation to see it grow. Lets all welcome him to his new position.

I will no longer be monitoring donations so if you have an issue or want to verify your funds were received you will have to contact GarfieldH. The only other immediate change will be that Garfield is no longer a Board of Director which in my opinion will cripple the groups ability to accomplish tasks without their faithful leader, the one and only, Pig Penis."
Posted by garfieldh   0 Comments
Aug 01, 2010 4:03 PM
Killing Floor
Killing floor is a newly released game created by Tripware, we now have servers for this (which are doing pretty well) check them out;

See you in game!
Posted by garfieldh   0 Comments
Jun 22, 2009 5:08 PM
New updates to site.
We now have many new changes to the way the community is run, please take a look at

You have all the information listed.
Posted by garfieldh   0 Comments
Feb 14, 2009 7:07 PM
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[SG] GarfieldH
GB Owner
[SG] daZe
GB Administrator Officer
[SG] ms. blargh
US Administrator Officer
[SG] tinkerbell_pete
GB Administrator Officer
[SG] Master Queef
US Administrator
[SG] Mikey
US Administrator
[SG]Retarded Santa
AF Administrator
[SG] ŦяǺkẶîll
BL Administrator
CA Administrator
US Administrator
[SG] Joeytron
US Administrator
[SG] Tcp-Kill
GB Administrator
[SG] *Venomous-Fate*
US Administrator
[SG] Rusty
GB Administrator
[SG|ZM] Obez
CA Administrator
[SG] Mercy
US Administrator
[SG] Paul
GB Administrator
[SG] Zero
US Administrator
[SG] †λ П Ҝ40175
US Administrator
[SG] Jaffa
GB Administrator
[SG] bethh.
US Administrator
[SG] longwave
US Administrator
[SG] Modgers1
US Administrator
GB Administrator
[SG] KingTim
US Administrator
[SG] Eldest
A0 Administrator
[SG] mNote
VN Administrator
[SG] Jewbot
US Administrator
[SG] PotshotPolka
US Administrator
US Administrator
[SG] James
GB Administrator
[SG] Repus | (Rape-us)
FI Administrator
[SG] Spjerre
DK Administrator
[SG] Tyrant
US Administrator
[SG] Fast Bullet [SLO]
SI Administrator
[SG] MasterkennyGay
US Member
[SG] SpikedRocker
US Member
GB Member
US Member
RS Member
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