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New =RoC= Members
We welcome New =RoC= Members AnywaysBro and Enk3fal0s.
Sep 18, 2014 11:37 AM
This War of Mine Gameplay
Sep 18, 2014 11:34 AM
Rebels Promoted

99rsv Promoted to Major
Hairybeast-Ca Promoted to Master Gunnery Sergeant
Harry-Palms Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant
BCC1 Promoted to Sergeant
AoS_DaDuck Promoted to Specialist
WarMacine56 Promoted to Corporal
Raiden274 Promoted to Lance Corporal
Drake Promoted to Lance Corporal
shane_tanis Promoted to Lance Corporal
xXx_Balder_xXx Promoted to Lance Corporal
F1nn1422e Promoted to Specialist
luckyme417 Promoted to Specialist&nbsp
H00LiG4N Promoted to Specialist
BEARAGEDDON Promoted to Private First Class
Kryostic Promoted to Promoted Private First Class
RedSkin Promoted to Private First Class
Mr_Enderman02 Promoted to Private First Class
Reaper Promoted to Private First Class
Juchhee Promoted to Private First Class
fisherlaw Promoted to Private First Class
Dark Omen 13 Promoted to Private First Class
Stelianos777 Promoted to Private First Class
Stamatios Promoted to Private First Class
Ransr Promoted to Private First Class
Vuk Promoted to Private
Dakine Promoted to Private
JimmySullivan Promoted to Private
FreakyVirus5 Promoted to Private

Congratulations to everyone,
Aug 23, 2014 3:52 AM
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US =RoC= Game Server Adm
=RoC Kveldulv
US =RoC= Game Server Adm
DE =RoC= Game Server Adm
=RoC HairyBeast
CA =RoC= Member
US =RoC= Member
=RoC Mike420-US
US =RoC= Member
US =RoC= Member
US =RoC= Member
US Founder retired
US =RoC= Founder
US =RoC= Founder
Rank Gm Name   Players Loc Map
3 =RoC= CTF RANK UP HC Join 0/18 United States mp_cracked
1316 Rebels of Carnage | The V.I.P of PC Gaming Join 4/32 United States TeamSpeak 3
130 #1![24/7]! =RoC= 24/7 Operation Locker - HARDCORE!!! 1/32 United States MP_Prison
About Us
The Rebels of Carnage is an Online Gaming Community that began in March of 2008.

The =RoC= (pronounced Rock) was founded upon and is dedicated in providing a fair and level playing field for everyone that plays in our servers. We DO NOT tolerate hackers, cheaters, or troublemakers and make all attempts to eliminate them in order to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all. That goal is expected of our guest and members alike. That is our fundamental core value toward gaming, the principles by which we stand and by which we are committed along with Valor, Integrity, and Pride in every aspect of our gaming.

We operate the following servers for our members and guests:

- TeamSpeak3 address with a public access IP:
- BF4: =RoC= 24/7 Operation Locker HARDCO [show more]
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