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Forum Home > General Discussion > Another bs ban that is the |uk| one
Another bs ban that is the |uk| one
Nov 03, 2014 6:53 PM
Non-member Joined: Jul 25, 2012
Posts: 9
HI people

As u might know, my name on UT is CheatCode and I'm banned of gateways server for the same unfair reason uk banned me of their servers

They tought I cheated when I didn't and I REALLY think this ban is ALOT unfair. Now that I'm banned of all my favorites servers, what the f**k am I gonna do? gateways and uk instagib were the only server I went on when I wanted to play something else than bt, and this message is mostly made for these reasons:1st- UK ban is unfair and you probably don't know that it is, like the one I just got
2nd If ya can get a proof that I'm not cheating would you take care of it or not?

There's no fair reason to ban me and I'm just REALLY FED UP WITH THAT BS!!! Even if my nickname is CheatCode, it doesn't ABSOLUTELY means that I cheat, because I don't. And if you want a proof that I'm not cheating, tell me how you want this proof and I will get this proof for ya mang.