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Think twice before using GAMETRACKER PREMIUM service!!
Oct 18, 2010 11:55 AM
thebobzilla Founder - Joined: Dec 27, 2006
Posts: 7
Here is something gone horribly wrong..but what is wrong is that neither the moderator nor Gameserver personal really understood they have a basic problem..their GameTracker PREMIUM installer is faulty.

Here is the conversations from the get-go:


my new server dead also..sent you email port 7673
restarts or re-install..same thing
do we have to wait hours or days for fix..or reply.just need to know so I can move on!!

It has been 10 hours now and no server..they seemed eager to accept the $$$ but I still do not have the new MOH server I ordered. I would not come up from initial install, I even retarted, reinstalled and switched locations..nada..
I have requested my $$$ back but still no reply from all the tickets I have submitted. If anyone is thinking about getting a GameTracker Premium..I suggest NOT! It would take a whole bunch-of "We are sorry" to keep me as a customer.

There is support, but I don't believe it is 24/7 support like GT's sister company offers. Since it's the weekend, the support would be more limited.

I would suggest attempting:
1. Click terminate
2. Reclaiming the private server subscription as an MOH server

I have terminated moh, reclaimed dozens of times..same server will work..even moved to each other location, no dice.
I tried 4 different games..none of those will start either.not even simple moh spearhead? There is definitely something very very wrong with YOUR setup/server and I expect either a fix SOON or refund! It is now DAY 2 and I have now server!

goin postal...

you can tell there was something definitely wrong with your automatic install, I tried to switch to other games, tried different locations, and no matter what game, or location..nothing would start, and I had no ftp for any game. This is a clue that something is wrong..with instal. I did change your install configs in any way..and each one of these servers SHOULD have came up available for play..NONE DID! I suggest you check for yourself, or at least put your PREMIUM service on hold till you all find yourself a solution!!

WARNING TO FUTURE USERS..TAKE HEED! It is 23 hours and still no resolution except a message from some moderator..that they dont give game support..when the truth is..THEY DON'T CARE IF YOUR SERVER WORKS OR NOT..OR EVEN INSTALLS CORRECTLY OR NOT (THEIR ERROR) DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!


Your request has been updated by Euan Andrews [staff]. Message Content:

Hello Bobzilla,

GameTracker does not come with support, if you are having an issue then support is very limited in the hours that they work.

I have now closed the account and I will pass this to refund department to refund the money back to you.

I have now passed this ticket to the refunds department. Our refund managers are available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, and they will take care of this issue for you as soon as possible.


thanks for your help..but it seems you and yours are missing a very
important item here! I was NOT asking for support for the game server
(actually all of them I tried), moh, spearhead, halo, and more..none would
even start up..I have no ftp at all..(500 error) and no server would become
operational from the get-go!
I did not need support for the servers..I needed someone to check the
auto-mattic install, which was faulty..
An interesting note...when I did change over to try halo, I COULD get to
ftp..but what I saw amazed me..I was looking at someone elses account
(different #) and could see his cod4 folder with all his mods/usermaps and
of course game rcon/passwords! I had a lot of servers from gameservers and
thought I might try Gametracker PREMIUM...but let me tell you, you need to
rename this service to something other than PREMIUM..cause the service for
me did not work and I'm sure others will have the same!!
thanks for giving my $$ back..although quite small, it only show why I
continue to use you guys for my DO the right thing usually!