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Forum Home > General Discussion > unpure client?
unpure client?
Aug 06, 2011 1:02 AM
Non-member Joined: Jul 23, 2009
Posts: 23
Been playing on your servers for many moons, without issue (other than the weird lag thing). Tonight, I get an "unpure client" error? WTH? I am on 64bit Linux and the 64bit UT does not work. A "legal" patch was made for those of us on 64bit Linux. I've been using it for a very long time. I have never had a problem on any other server. What gives?
Oct 08, 2011 2:44 AM
[LCDLC] massiATTACK Founder - Joined: Nov 11, 2008
Posts: 4
im not sure what to say, you're the first guy to come with that problem on our server.

have you experienced it again on our servers?

Oct 08, 2011 3:16 AM
Non-member Joined: Jul 23, 2009
Posts: 23
Hey Massi,

No, it went away. I think I posted about it on the LCDLC forums?

Anyway, I've been playing as LostSoul lately. Kind of hiding from the old clan.
Nov 14, 2011 10:30 PM
[LCDLC]DocBon Admin - Joined: Jan 20, 2011
Posts: 1
It does happen from time to time still. I mostly get it after I've been watching demos and using rcon commands. If I restart UT after watching demos I have no issues.