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The story of KUTCLAN
Oct 14, 2016 9:45 AM
{KTM}Double(*J*)=HR= Founder - Joined: May 14, 2009
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The story of KUTCLAN
Hello party fraggers I'm {KUT}D{*J*} I'm together with Blownald founder /owner of KUTCLAN together with Blownald we started the clan some 5 years ago wile snowball owns the website blownald and me are founders of KUTCLAN and owning the servers.
Unlike others like killspree whom tried to take over the clan and servers completely which they had luckely failed.
Also snowball has stopped his website after they had failed to get any donations not even from their 'friends' as I had expected.
So heres the story, troubles started when killspree had stole our tag it happened when UrT updated to QuakeUrT42 I was to late claiming the tag. Right after that started to messing around trying to control the NL servers we had 4 NL servers and also I had the opportunity to start USA servers thanks to Mustang. These servers snowball didn't even want in the first place but only if they could menage TDM & CTF And help Mustang and me to get b3 running on HR And KUT servers which they failed to do.
In the meantime Killspree had menage to let Speedy Ballmouse leave the clan (trying to controle the server by force) therefore losing 2 server host these servers (speedy) where partly financed by Blownald and me we also had a server which was lost in the process.
Then the troubles really started when I un assinged killspree when he starts to mess with USA servers shutting down servers and deleting files. I had to sacrifice 2 computers from myself to startup NL servers again and had to make a new tag because killspree had stole our tag and refused to give it back.
Now snowball is still defending killspree whome had manage let Speedy And Ballmouse leaving the clan and loosing NL servers.
luckily I had 2 computers and could get NL servers back in own hands if I didn't had them Blownald and me surely had lost the clan to him which we started back then in UrT41. Now snowball did try to get donations for his website.
I want to point out he only had ask donations for his website but he forget Mustang(USA servers) Blownald and me we had financed the NL servers we had lost and which I had to start up again with pc's which are actually mine 1 gaming pc and a backup pc I'm currently working with a crappy laptop and a crappy single core pc to do my admin work but I'm not giving up that easy what has to be done has to be done. I hope this is not to confusing my emotions runs a little wild but basically this was happening and we have to recover from all this.
But I'm not giving up KUTCLAN still continue no matter what it cost check out our new website host by ge0rdie @

Peace out D{*J*}
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Oct 18, 2016 1:24 PM
Non-member Joined: May 02, 2013
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Klote wat er gebeurd is joh. Ik denk, ik ga is kijken wat er met KUT gebeurd is. Lees ik dit, das lekker. Ik kan helaas niet zeggen dat ik verbaasd ben vanwege mijn geschiedenis met killspree. Maar ja. Ik zie dat jullie alles gelukkig weer onder controle hebben.
Succes verder met de clan!




Hey guys!

That's messed up what happened. I thought, let's see how the old KUT clan is doing these days. Then I saw this message. Unfortunately I can't say I am surprised because of my history with killspree. I'm glad to see you guys have everything under control again.
I wish you the best of luck with the clan!

Best regards,