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=.KoG.= Rules
Mar 12, 2018 12:15 AM
=.KoG.= AlaskanMattt Member - Joined: Jan 19, 2018
Posts: 3
Even if we tend to be cool, we still need to follow some rules to prevent players having a bad time on our servers! These rules apply on our servers as it's been said, but also on Steam and on our Discord server.

Cheating/Hacking is obviously NOT allowed! All of our servers are secured by VAC and Battleye too regarding Insurgency. All cheaters will be perma ban.

Exploiting a glitch on the map to gain advantage over players is not allowed, this will result in a kick from servers. Keep doing so and you'll be banned.

Advertising on our servers is NOT allowed, be it for cheats, clans, shops (example useless website for some CS:GO items and so on...), ... nada! If you have a professional website regarding your work, a special place for this may be allowed on our forums. Only after being reviewed. Violation of this rule will lead to instant ban.

No lame voting or repeating failed votes on server. Democracy will be respected.
You will end up being kicked for this.

RESPECT PLAYERS, do not insult, nor say anything racist/sexually remarks, trouble makers will be muted and/or kicked and/or banned for this. Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” content are not tolerated too. This is also true if you keep accusing players of hax, or calling admin abuse and such....

DO NOT molest your team mates in any way (team killing, team bleeding and so on) All these actions will result in mute, kick and / or ban depending on how admins see fit.

DO NOT abuse spawnkilling with explosives in PVP gamemodes (this includes, but not limited to: RPG, C4, AT4, grenades...) These can lead to kick and / or ban depending on how admins see fit.

If you disagree with an admin decision, take time to cool down before speaking politely to the admin. If your issue cannot be resolved ingame take it to the forum, but don't keep fighting on server. Screenshots are the best way to prove/disprove the facts! If you see evidence record it! If Admins have to take time out from their game to record evidence against you, you're fu*ked for good!

=.KoG.= servers are internationnal, thus english is the main language.
For example: even I, as a french speaker won't talk in French as i dunno if the players
can understand it, this is called respect.

Spamming chat or voice communication chat isn't allowed, you'll be muted on sight for this

Sharing links to piracy, pornography, or anything which would go against European laws is strictly forbidden. Such action would result in instant ban.

If you're not part of our clan, don't pose yourself as a member... After being asked once to remove our Tag, if you ignore this, ban will be issued. Do not insult =.KoG.= or its members, it will result in same punishement

/!\ NB: Being banned on one server, means being banned on all of them. Once someone deserves a ban, there's no reason why he should still be able to play on the other servers
that =.KoG.= runs. If you disagree with a ban, go appeal it on the forum with the procedure described. Our policy is to get rid of all toxic players, thus, we are strict with the application of these rules which are meant to keep a good environement for everyone no matter their origin, private life, or background.
Long story short: respect others, and you will be respected in return
Last edited by: kogkosmos Oct 10, 2018 8:40 AM
Oct 10, 2018 8:42 AM
=.KoG.= Kosmos Founder - Joined: Sep 19, 2017
Posts: 8
Updated rules with add of one regarding spawnkilling abuses with explosives.