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How to join =.KoG.= clan?
Category: General Discussion
by Kogalaskadeadtone
Mar 12, 2018 12:20 AM
=.KoG.= Rules
Category: General Discussion
by Kogalaskadeadtone
Mar 12, 2018 12:15 AM
=.KoG.= Knights of Gaia
Category: General Discussion
by Kogalaskadeadtone
Mar 10, 2018 9:44 AM
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Welcome on =.KoG.= clan page!
///////// Welcome to the Knights of Gaia clan /////////

Clan founded in September 2017, we are now a multi gaming community operating servers for the following games: ARK: Survival Evolved, Ballistic Overkill, Codename CURE, Insurgency, Killing Floor 2,
Quake Live.
We are also active on Black Squad, CS:GO Paladins, PUBG and Unturned too.

=.KoG.= aims at providing a cheatless and fun environement for as much people as possible!
Here: origin, sex, CV... all of these are irrelevant when joining us
You'll see we provide large variety of settings for our servers,
so that everyone can find a place to enjoy gaming!

=.KoG.= it's more than 20 servers, all of them are VAC secured with Battleye enabled whenever available.

Here the Complete list of our servers

In order to improve communications between players and provide a better gaming experience, and have more fun with us, you can join us now on Discord!

As you must have guessed, in addition to playing with fun people,
we do have some rules.
Not much but these are important in order to have everyone being able
to play in a good environement without trolling and such.
Even if we can sum up our rules by "respecting others is mandatory":
Here the complete version of =.KoG.= rules.

[*]Every month, we hold a contest for the MVP of the month with Prizes to win!
[*]We are always recruiting New members/admin to have fun with us and
help us out with bad guys, so if you like our servers and ever wanna help ...
How to join us.
[*]You like our servers and you can participate with the servers bills? You can also Donate Here

For more informations regarding our group, feel free to visit our website.

Happy Fraggin'!
Posted by kogkosmos   0 Comments
Oct 28, 2017 3:58 PM
About Us
Multi Gaming Community operating more than 20 servers for various games such as: Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, Balliscit Overkill and many more!
=.KoG.= Website
=.KoG.= Discord
Donating for =.KoG.= servers
World Rank
54th out of 136630
Game Rank
Insurgency Standalone 1
Killing Floor 2 1
Quake Live 1
ARK: Survival Evolved 33