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Create a Three-Monitors Playstation with ASUS VZ27VQ Curved Monitor
If you are a player, then you know that having a triple monitor setup is the ultimate gaming experience that everyone dreams about. Imagine that in front of you are three HD monitors arranged in a semicircle to surround you with game action and give you 180 degrees of virtual exploration.

With today's high-end computers, graphics cards, and high-definition monitors, it's easier than ever to get a three-monitor setup, so I'll show you how to create a three-monitor game station with the ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitor.

ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitor

Asus this practical guide, I was able to use three identical ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitors. Only one of these monitors would be enough to stoke the lust of any gaming enthusiast, so having three of them in front of you offering vivid and crisp HD graphics brings the gaming experience to a whole new level of immersion.

The ASUS VZ27VQ is curved to produce better viewing angles and, as your eyes are always at an equal distance from all points on the screen, you are absorbed in action. It features ASUS Eye Care technology, which provides flicker-free backlighting and a blue light attenuation filter to minimize eye strain. It's great for long gaming sessions. This monitor offers full HD 1080p resolution, and the built-in 2-watt speakers save you from having to connect external speakers. However, you will surely get a more immersive and better sound with a set of external speakers strategically placed around the three monitors. Of course, if you're like most players. Click here to view more information

Ultra-thin frame enhances your gaming experience

The monitor is ultrathin, a feature that also applies to the frame (or the part that surrounds the monitor), which complements and harmonizes the beautiful look of a game station. And, I find that in addition to the genuinely fantastic appearance of ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitor, its performance is spectacular with the games I tested. The blacks were deep and dark, the colors were bright, and the response time was ultrafast, producing sharp graphics with almost no gaps or jaggies.

Set up three monitors for the game

You will need to meet some requirements to set up a three-monitor game station. First, of course, you need three monitors. You could use any old monitors, but everyone knows that the result would be horrible. You need three monitors with the same resolution as well as DVI and Display Port. Thin monitors that take up less space and have smaller bases are the best.

Then make sure the graphics card on your computer can support multiple monitors. It's not because you see three ports on it that it can handle multiple monitors, and it's the same if you only have two ports. Some of the older cards can indeed handle three monitors, even if they do not have all the necessary ports. In this case, you will need to buy an adapter to connect the monitors to a single port or buy another graphics card.

Connect your game station to three monitors

Suppose you have all the ingredients you need to set up your game station. I have my three ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitors and an MSI Infinite X VR8RE-005US gaming desktop computer that Best Buy sent me to serve as based on this practical guide for the triple monitor. As it has a GTX 1080 graphics card with three Display Port ports, so I had everything I needed with this powerful machine. You can also connect two monitors to the DVI ports and another to a Display Port if that's what your card offers.

Place the monitors on your desk and position them in a semicircle in front of you. You may have to move them a bit to find the three optimal viewing distances without feeling too claustrophobic. Then connect your three monitors to the ports you have.

As start, your machine and all three monitors should be functional. However, you still have to configure Windows to handle your multiple displays well. To get there, right click on the screen and go to "Display Settings." From there, you can select and change the configuration of monitors, such as choosing the main screen and extend your desktop on all three monitors.

You will need to go to the control panel of your graphics card (right-clicking on your desktop will bring up the menu through which to access the NVIDIA control panel) where you have to reach the menu option for multiple screens. Here you can test with the multi-display setup and enable the extended desktop option for the game.

Configure your games for all three monitors

Okay, now that you have a massive desktop on three monitors, you will have to start your game and set up the correct resolution in the video options to match that of the three monitors. Some games are not compatible with a multi-screen setup, but the most recent titles certainly are. Adjust the settings in the possibilities of the game, and remember to take into account that your card now works three times stronger with the display. It may be that setting the graphics to "very high" will cause slowdowns or lag. Change settings such as field of view, shading, and anti-aliasing until you get the right balance of graphics and performance.

For the best gaming experience possible, it's better and more comfortable to have multiple identical monitors (as I did with the ASUS VZ27VQ ), otherwise you'll have resolution, distortion issues (if your monitors are not at the same height) and color calibration that can all negatively influence your experience if you try to play in a fluid and genuinely enveloping environment.

So, was this handy guide helpful? Do you plan to set up your own three-monitor game station? Tell me about your plans and materials in the comments section below.

Description:Looking for the best gaming experience possible? I can show you how to create a three-monitor gaming desk with the ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitor.

Jul 22, 2019 10:17 AM
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