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Guide Lines
May 11, 2009 8:59 AM
[Ops]SnakeDoC [Ops]Leader - Joined: Jun 28, 2007
Posts: 3
If you want to become a offical member of JointOps you most read over and fellow all steps on this [url=]link

This is only part of the process of joining this community so please read this carefully and make sure u follow up as described below; deviating will only result on a slower response for your application. Basically this is how it works, you must make a new thread on this section requesting to be part of [Ops], please be sure to include the following info
2.In game Nick
4.Contact Info
5.Why do u want to join [Ops]
6.Are you able to donate

After that Please Make sure u meet and/or adhere to the following criteria:

1. Make an account at, this step is crucial as it will allow us to get to know u and it will allow u to actually take part of the community and will give u insights as to what we are all about.

2. In game Call Of Duty name, please use one nick only to avoid confusion.

3. Age, there is age restriction to join [Ops] 18+

4. Must be a Regular on the Server, at least one [Ops] member must be able to identify u in order for us to consider your request.

5. Be active on the Forums, there is no enforcement on this as of yet but the ideal thing is for all members to be active part of [Ops] so at least 3 times a week to read up and catch up on everything that goes on.

6. Get to know as many [Ops] member's as you can. This will really speed things up for u as the more positive votes u get the better.

7. Respect all members and guest on forums and server at all time. Cant stress this enough, be nice to absolutely everyone on the Servers and Forums you never know whos watching, being a Dick/Bitch will get you nowhere

8. Xfire client, something is wrong with u if u don't already use this, it will also help us to keep track of all members and will also keep us connected.

9. If you can donate to the server, every little bit counts and will make a difference.

10. For the first few months you will be under recruit and not a full member. This will be your trail run to see if you can be a good fit to the community and if at any time an older member feels you are not upholding the Ops name, you will be asked to remove your tags from your name and you no longer will be part of the Ops community.

11. Most Speak and understand SOME English!!!!

12. Do not ask every time you are on the server if you are in yet your sponsor or a admin will inform you of when the voting is compelete and if you are in the community or not.

After you follow all the guideline's here then you must find a [Ops] member to sponsor you and make a post on our private forums. From there the Ops members will talk it over and vote, then based on the feedback gathered from the voting process The Recruiters will let you know our decision . Please after you make this post do not ask every minute of the day if you are in our not, the voting process could be a bit slow, your sponsor will be in contact with you to let you know what else is needed to complete your membership into the community.

All topic's about joining [Ops] in other parts of the forum will be deleted and your request's will not be looked over. So please be sure to follow these guidelines or you will make it harder for us and yourself to get into the community and possibly not get in at all.

Last edited by: snakedoctor May 11, 2009 9:05 AM