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The Casual Gamer's Community
Syndicate Gamers is a community into casual gaming and having all-around fun on the many servers we have. We're interested in keeping things as fun and fresh as possible with the options we have, and want you all to enjoy as part of it. Join us at and see what we have to offer, and what we are about!

We focus on Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: GO, and Garry's Mod, but the servers we have give a wide variety that will keep you entertained for a long while. Choose from a server below and try out something you like!

Game Servers

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• 24/7 sG | JailBreak CS:GO [Store|Custom LR|FastDL] -
• 24/7 sG | Zombie Escape CS:GO [FastDL|Stats|Store] -
• 24/7 sG | MiniGames/Deathrun CS:GO [Store|FastDL] -
• 24/7 sG | Surf RPG/DM CS:GO [Store|Stats|FastDL] -
• 24/7 sG | Warcraft 3 CS:GO [Stats|Invis|CustomRaces|FastDL] -
• 24/7 sG | TTT CS:GO [BETA|FastDL] -
• 24/7 sG | KZ Climb CS:GO [West Coast|128 Tick|KZTimer|Global] -

Garrys Mod
• 24/7 sG | TTT Vanilla Minecraft [WEST|No Downloads] -
• 24/7 sG | TTT Vanilla Minecraft [CENTRAL|No Downloads] -

• 24/7|sG|Rust|3xGather|1/2 Craft|Central -

Stats and Bans

All of our servers utilize GameME for stat tracking. Stats are different for each individual server and track kills, deaths, weapon utilization, time played, etc. Check out the website at!

For those with the misfortune to receive a ban from our servers, information regarding the ban can be found on our SourceBans website (located at Please refer to the forums under "Complaint Department" to appeal or request ban extensions.

We're here to make things enjoyable, so if there is anything you'd like to suggest, go to and sign up on our forums to drop us a line on what you like, hate, want to see in game, or just to praise us. We're always willing to hear and help when we can.

Good gaming, and go kick some ass!
Posted by xklark   1 Comment
Feb 24, 2014 6:04 PM
sG | Mimic
US Joint Chief of Staff
sG | fail klark [ENG]
US Joint Chief of Staff
sG | Bulletford [JCS]'
US Joint Chief of Staff
CA Engineer
sG | Sportsteen [SO]
US Clan Member
sG | Cookie Eater
US Clan Member
sG | blob [JCS]
US Clan Member
the known Dora
US Community Member
sG | Tortoise [ENG][GFTF]
US Community Member
US Community Member
MN Community Member
sG | driz
US Community Member
US Community Member
Rank Gm Name   Players Loc Map
2573 sG | EZ+ BHop [ 32 Styles | 800+ Maps | TAS ] 1/30 United States /654698616/bhop_static
1911 24/7 sG | Skill Surf [Easy - Tiers 1-2+] 3/32 United States workshop/1672702362/surf_egypt2
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