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Sorry guys, but I didn't realize that the Ventrilo & BFV server went offline. Had paid for a year in advance and it's been quite hectic lately, so I did apply for a new BF1942 & Ventrilo server. The info is above on the Server screen. Will try to migrate the stats if possible, In any case, many of us are on Facebook & are using the group:

I haven't purchased any new games. Spoke to JimmyR*}{* via FB and he's been playing COD. Lion*}{*Heart & Surgoina*}{* still continue to play online. My little comp couldn't handle BFBC2 and that's about where I dropped off. Ollie*}{*North is a daddy & keeping busy with his wife & child. Will try & keep the websites up, etc. We are coming up on our 14th Birthday as a Squad & it all started here:
Posted by rrabbit
Mar 26, 2014 1:39 AM