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*}{* Honorsquad }MH{ Ranked Battlefield 2142 hits over 5000 Unique Players!
Congratulations *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ as we've had over 5000 Unique Players in our Ranked BF2142 Server since 2/11/08 to 4/22/08 when we added the Game Tracker Stats. Additionally, We had over 500 Unique Players in our BF1942 Desert Combat Mod Final Server and over 200 Unique Players in our BF2 AIX Coop Server. I have been doing some recoding to include "Local Ranks" on the BF2 AIX server and am hopeful that it'll be running by next month. You can view the players by clicking on the Game Tracker "VIEW DETAILED STATS" button.
Local Ranks are added on some servers to enable a growth in rank & promotions but is server specific. I'm hoping that it will keep people coming back. A special thanks to Lion}MH{Heart for the suggestion as well as Ollie*}{*North for helping locate the program for me. I've finished the SQL & partial coding and have to upload it to the Stats server. I'll be uploading the program to one of our other servers, so as not to bog down our BF2 & BF2142 server.

A Special thanks to P*}{*REAK}MH{ for administering the Command & Control for BF2142 & by keeping the Squad/Clan tags on the same side. I actually went through all the names on the gametracker listing & wanted to post the Clans that have played on the server so far, but some of the clan tags were rejected by the PHP that I'm running and my previous News Article was deleted. Well, it was a little wordy, so I'm trimming it down a bit. Suffice it to say, of the over 5000 unique players, a little over 250 are from squads with 2 or more people. It still leaves about 3500 non squaded players out there who have enjoyed our server. We are always looking for "Good Soldiers" and we have an Enlistment Sign up above to the Right.
In any case>

I'm also looking at the possibility of adding another Ranked BF2142 Server hosting Northern Strike Maps. If you recall, last year we had 2 Ranked BF2142 Servers going. One hosting a 32 player Ranked BF2142 Titan Map Only server and the other a 32 player Ranked BF2142 Conquest Map Only server. We didn't have as many people join the Conquest Server, so that was changed to the BF1942 Desert Combat Modded Server instead. Of course the Northern Strike Maps came out a few months later and we hosted them for awhile, but saw few people who actually had them. I suggested a week or two ago that we could have Northern Strike Wednesday's or something to that effect. I'd add another server if I thought that we could maintain the numbers in it.

I'll be adding a Poll (you may need to Register in order to vote) to see if you would like to have an additional Ranked BF2142 Server with the Norther Strike maps. I could also limit the Pings on the Titan Server and increase it to a 48 player Ranked BF2142 Titan Only Server.

Please leave your feedback in the Forums.
Posted by rrabbit
Jun 03, 2008 11:29 PM