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Forum Home > General Discussion > [HGT] CLAN REVIVAL!
Mar 01, 2013 11:16 AM
[HGT] unreal3000 Student - Joined: Dec 17, 2009
Posts: 1
Hey guys!
I used to enjoy playing on the HGT servers, in fact they were the only ones i used to play on, while i still played css.
I dont know why everything just went inactive when i came back a few months later. I used to be so proud that i was part of a clan at that time, though it may not have been that well known . i was a kid then I really enjoyed being part of it.
well, my point is, i want to bring some life back to this clan. I am going to use the [HGT] tag as my clan and in my name tags. I do play black ops 1 and 2 on the ps3, and many other shooter on pc and ps3. i would love to play some css or csgo if anyone would be intrested in joining me So if any former members would like to join me, feel free to do so. I also run a youtube channel with my friend. It is called toxic cow productions, and if any others are intrested, we could make clan videos and post them on it. Either ways i know many may never even read this, and others would ignore. but still, i think it would be awsome if this clan came back to life! My online name is unreal. If anyone else is interested injoining me, leave a reply below.[youtube][/youtube]
Jun 09, 2013 3:59 PM
[HGT] L2M Teacher Assistant - Joined: Oct 15, 2009
Posts: 390
Sup, I havent checked this forum for about 3 months I think It's cool to see that somebody still remebers this forum. Most of our discussion goes into our facebook CSS Players group. I am not sure if you are added there, if you are not just say your FB name and ill add you there.
This clan won't return for sure. The main owner (Tebas) dissapeared with no messages at all why. I tried tracking him with all possible ways but couldn't... and the server is off too. Thanks for putting effort trying to revive HGT but it's dead and will be forever.
As I said earlier if you are not added into our Facebook group page, tell me your FB name, You can share your thoughts there and stuff.
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