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Apologies for not having made a post here since July of 2009
been busy with other stuff since that time.

to update, we've added five new clan members (Crysis, Joseidon, Loblo, THOR and F.N.G.). our clan has been playing Borderlands, L4D2, CoD MW2, CoD MW2 on alterIWNet, CoD Black Ops, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Brink and, most recently, CoD MW3.

of those games, Crysis 2 and MW3 impressed me the most. i'm real glad to see that Activision brought in Glen Schofield and his company, Sledgehammer Games to assist Infinity Ward with the multiplayer mode for MW3. just in case you don't know the story, Infinity Ward completely screwed up the multiplayer mode on MW2 by not including dedicated servers and by disabling the developer's console.

Sledgehammer fixed all that stupidity quite nicely.
as such, those of us who still enjoy CoD4 now have a new FPS to enjoy: MW3.

since 7/09 i've made two HLDM maps, two CoD4 maps, six HL2DM maps, 29 UT3 maps and six Crysis 2 maps. you can download these at

that's it, that's what we've been up to.
i'll try to post here more frequently in the future.
in the meantime, happy gaming!

a couple of side notes: Borderlands was a truckload of fun. enjoyed it and finished the SP. Bulletstorm was ok, kicking bastards was pretty cool. Brink sucks

Posted by gdawgg
Dec 08, 2011 3:40 PM