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Clan News & Updates
In this section we will post news of upcoming meetings and other items pertaining to the status of the clan.
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General Discussion
General Discussion & Off Topic
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Server Rules
These rules apply to in game conduct. Please read and be sure to follow them.
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Clan Member Conduct and Code of Honor
This section of our forum is intended for clan members to understand our code of conduct and honor.
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Admin Rules
This is intended for all members with admin rights. Please follow these rules to keep our server populated and for understanding on how to handle rule breakers.
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Support For Our Server
Here we all discuss what we can all do to get our server populated and making sure that we are playing good rounds with lots of players all day and night.
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Clan Battles
Here we will post and discuss all possible and upcoming clan battles.
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Useful Links and Software
This is a category where members can share links to software and other useful tools for the clan.
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Player Watch List
List players that you saw hacking or glitching so that admins can ban them on sight. Be certain and have proof!!! You must have video or concrete screen shot evidence otherwise do not post your complaint.
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Music Only - Youtube Music and Good Vidoes
Post links to your favorite music and music videos here! Let the whole clan know what you are into. Everyone enjoy!!!
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Technical Issues & Updates
Here we will list any technical issues going on with our servers and all solutions that have been created.
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