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Forum Home > General Discussion > Sister got ban for "possibly hacking" wile she was OFFLINE
Sister got ban for "possibly hacking" wile she was OFFLINE
Feb 17, 2017 2:48 AM
Non-member Joined: Aug 15, 2016
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My Name is Mason, i am a 1st Lieutenant for the USAF and dont have time for this, but if its for my sister then i do.

So as of 11:20pm~ or so on feb-16th which was the Thursday. my sister was messing with her mods and jumping on and off the server due the server allowing open mods. She told me "the suppressors, and bi-pods dont work in the arsenal, so i quit the game when i see they dont work, and disable a mod that might cause this, then quickly try to jump back on"

But this time when she tried to get back on, she saw that she was "admin ban (Possible Hacker)"

i dont know how you all work this crap out to find any possibilities of hackers. just because some one leaves a server when a hacker is on, then that person gets ban for being the hacker is a bit... obtuse thinking.

Iv played on these A3 servers before, and the only ones we ever have played on is 509th and DIMM. 509th is ... alright, Lynne says theyre a bit rough with her on gender crap. so she prefers to play on DIMM servers who are nice to her.

iv looked around the A3 servers and these 2 servers are the only ones that we can play on. the other servers require massive ammount of mods or bad specific mods that we have and wont even let us join on.

SO as of this moment. Other then the 509th. we have NO other servers to play on. No idea where this "possibility of being a hacker" BULLSHIT came from, but it is very uncalled for without reason or practice. No warnings, no trial, no chance. i understand that most people would ban hackers ASAP... but Lynnette was not even on the server when she was ban to my knowledge.

Furthermore, Hacking. my sister doesnt know the diffrence between a hard drive and a stick of fucking ram. let alone program coding. im trying to teach her. but. Lynnette - hacking? you have a better bet of pigs flying.

This is not an angry message in reply. we are just confused. as to why this has happened.

Thank you for your time-
1LT. M.K.Weskier (Lynnette 's Brother)