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Forum Home > General Discussion > Banned For Hacking?
Banned For Hacking?
Jul 25, 2016 5:25 PM
Non-member Joined: Jul 25, 2016
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Hello. I was playing on your DMM Patrol Ops and I love this server. I have played on it for a couple hours and had to go for a wile. When I tried to log back in it said that I was Banned for Hacking?

I would like an explanation.

For the fact that before this I was just performing an evac on some troops after a mission and wile I was flying a tank was trying to drive to the objective. Being nice with my Churon I decided to see if he needed a lift
so I flew low and he drove under and I dropped him of at the objective. Wile I was heading back an admin said this to me and I Quote " If you do that again I will Ban your ass. " So I would like an un ban please.

My Name Is Alien in game and steam name is daftvortex7.