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important notice fake accounts detected
hello everybody

this is a important message to everybody still using this site. first of all I'm no longer active around here as mentioned on last post at the forum, we moved into a proper dedicated site ( already replaced by, this site just stayed here as archive/back up, mostly to prevent issues like the one at hand now. then, secondly and more importantly, recently some fake accounts impersonating me (which by the way is yet another legal misdemeanor, i.e. illegal) have been detected then please bear in mind that my only account here is this one (adminless) and don't get fooled by rogue third parties, therefore don't trust any other message/information coming from any other account here than this one and I would also appreciate if you could report any offense you may encounter relating this issue. bottom line the only appropriate way to contact me is through my own site (

thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: ah yes and also same applies for the official original adminless game servers, there's no other ones than the ones explicitly listed on this page, so please be wary of thieves, nothing good can come out from something illegal, today they steal from me, tomorrow they will steal from you.
Posted by adminless
Oct 04, 2018 2:32 PM