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NEWS game servers and site officially launched
hey hi hello all

just reporting here that after some months the game servers and site are finally finished (in addition to the [Un/Oa]FreeZe servers that were already ready). it finally took me a bit more time than what I had initially planned (around a month more), hopefully all the game servers were basically variations of the same idtech3 engine however each one is unique in its own and each one had its own assets, settings and quirks so it was really no easy job to put everything together and make it work but overall I believe that by now, March 2017, yeah may there's some thing here and there still left (there's always going to be something anyways) but I think that things can be called finished and working by now.

ok, this complete a line up with a total of five servers that contain any representative idtech3 game, in the short/middle term (next months) I'll be looking toward some support, fine tuning and improvement of the current services and may be who knows, even on the future I can deploy some other new stuff but for now this is it.
Posted by adminless
Mar 06, 2017 8:28 AM