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Download Official SWBFSpy Patch
The Official SWBFSpy Patch is needed to play SWBF online since the death of GameSpy:

SWBFSpy Patch for SWBF1 and SWBF2
Provided by and

Special thanks to:

- Luigi, Soneek, & Masaq: for creating the OpenSpy Masterserver and sharing files from it.
- Wolf: for his time outlining important notes and instructions for assembling the masterserver.
- Phobos: for the domain and the creation of SWBFSpy, along with the desire to maintain the community and keep SWBF alive, and also for the hexedits.


- Official SWBFspy Patch for Star Wars Battlefront I and II -
This is the official public download of the SWBFSpy patch for both SWBF1 and SWBF2. Also included are patched executables for server hosts. To install the client patch, backup and replace the file Battlefront.exe located here - C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData

If you don't want to use these patches you can manually create one yourself. First make a copy of the original BF1 or BF2 exe, then open in a hex editor such as HxD, and change every instance of "" to ""

-SWBFSpy Credits-
Luigi, Soneek, & Masaq - Original coding of the previous master server and releasing the source code
Phobos - All hex edits, Improving the master server code with leaderboard support, Hosting the master server, Purchasing the SWBFSpy domain
Phobos & Wolf - Inventing the SWBFSpy project in September 2013
Jake & BattleBelk - Discovering and sharing hex edits for certain hacks

Basic Edition - includes the official SWBFSpy patch, Radar, and No CD fix
Premium Edition - includes the official SWBFSpy patch, Radar, No CD fix, ChatView, HealthAmmoView, MapView, and ReinforcementsView

ProCam and XhairDot are disabled by default, players can customize the hacks by enabling or disabling the ones they want
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Feb 16, 2018 10:32 PM
SWBFSpy Community Server Events
SWBF Community members be sure to join the SWBF Mod Nights and SWBFSpy Gathering PC & PS2 server events on the first Saturday and Sundays every month! Read this thread for details of our next event
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Sep 20, 2017 11:47 PM
SWBF Community Projects - 2017
SWBF Community Projects - 2017
- Forum
- Master Server
- TWD Battlefront Mod
- ZeroFront Expansion
- ZeroBuilder Tools

These are the projects currently under development by the Star Wars Battlefront community. Soon our new forum launches, which has recovered over 90% of the content that was censored from the previous forum. Long live SWBF!
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Jul 19, 2017 3:41 PM
Official SWBFSpy Community GameTracker Page
Official SWBFSpy Community GameTracker Page
SWBFSpy is the substitute of the GameSpy master server.
In September 2013, Phobos started the SWBFSpy project and coined the name. [FC]Wolf assisted with the project in the beginning before he retired. The bulk of coding was developed mainly by Luigi, Soneek, and Masaq, the creators of OpenSpy.

Special thanks to all the SWBFSpy Team members who contributed to this project. We're looking for active members to join our team, those who are interested may contact SWBFSpy | Phobos

The Administration of SWBFSpy includes Phobos, the Master Server Technician and SWBF Community Leader. Moderators of the game servers include SirPimped and Elite, who have helped support our project in many ways.

Official SWBFSpy Team Members (Past & Present)
Phobos = Admin & Coder & Founder
Wolf = Coder & Co-Founder
Luigi = Coder
Soneek = Coder
Masaq = Coder
SirPimped = Promoter
Elite = Promoter

All the official SWBFSpy Info can be found here: SWBFSpy Info Center powered by

Announcements, updates, and soon the official patches can be downloaded from links contained on the SWBFModders Homepage, our new community website which also launches soon! If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steam.
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Jul 06, 2017 10:58 AM
Official SWBFSpy Team & Info
SWBFSpy is being developed by Phobos as the originally planned version of SWBFSpy from 2013, with enhanced features such as the leaderboards and SWBFSpy account support. It is currently not released to the public yet, but when it is ready, will be available as the primary download via

Phobos - Master Server Manager & Community Leader

Go here for info on how to hex edit the EXE manually
Downloads will be posted once the new MS is functional for all versions of SWBF1 and SWBF2, PC and PS2, client and server host, every patch version, for

Posted by fcrage   0 Comments
Jun 10, 2017 4:20 PM
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SWBFSpy | Phobos
MG SWBFSpy Administrator + CEO + Manager + Founder + Source Upgrader + Project Leader & SWBFSpy Community Leader
SWBFSpy | SirPimped
US Game Ambassador / Supervisor
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