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Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Category: General Discussion
by Jeremiahthebull
Jun 19, 2016 11:34 PM
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All sorts of great news!
We have some forums up and running, Peaceful Gaming Forums

You can check all of the latest news for all of the games we host on our Latest News Page.

The list of servers that we host and general information about them can be found on our Servers & Servers Info page.

If you are looking for more information about our Ark: Survival Evolved server you can check our Ark: Survival Evolved page out.

Cleanup Cody has been hard at work updating a Garry's Mod DarkRP server. If you are looking for more information about our Garry's Mod DarkRP server you can check it out now!

We do currently have a very basic MineCraft server. The information can be found at this link for our Minecraft Server.

The excitement about our Rust Servers is getting pretty hype. We currently have three different flavors of Rust Servers. You can see all of the information about the Rust Serverson our webpage.

We will be trying to keep everyone updated as much as possible.
Posted by johnh2005   1 Comment
Sep 14, 2015 11:51 PM
Welcome to the all new
We would like to welcome you to the all new clan. We are a community that believes that the the community should be about itself. For the community by the community.

What does "For the community by the community" really mean? To us it means that we should be here to provide YOU with what YOU want. If you want a new map? We should deliver. If you want a new game? We should deliver. If you want new game mode? We should deliver.

We are going to take that very serious. We want to listen to our community and take their wants and needs into consideration. Drop by and let us know what you want.
Posted by johnh2005   0 Comments
Aug 09, 2015 12:38 PM
[PG] Skard
US Founder
[PG] GhostZ
US Founder
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us is a new gaming community that believes the community is run by the community for the community. We want to deliver to YOU what YOU want! Come by and check us out and check out our servers.
Peaceful Gaming
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