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|Ns| Jailbreak Explained
Sep 19, 2018 1:28 PM
|Ns| 刀ec[尺]o /A/ Founder - Joined: Aug 15, 2013
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Jailbreak Explained

What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is a mod for Counter Strike 1.6 where it sets players in a jail (for reasons unknown) where they can choose to play either prisoners (T's) or guards (CT's).

Like the traditional way to play Counter Strike, the main idea for Jailbreak is for the T's to kill all the officers, and vice versa. T's have to follow (for the most part) the rules given by the commanding CT's, where if they don't comply, would be shot and killed until the start of a new day. T's can either choose the follow the commands given by the CT's or take it upon themselves to rebel and kill them all. CT's must give rules in order to sustain a "civil" environment within the jail, where anyone in attempt/attempting to rebel will be shot and killed. Jailbreak however complex (but extremely fun) revolves around these general ideas.

Prisoners (T's) Guide
Your job as a prisoner is to actually piss off the guards by (for the most part) killing them. I personally choose playing T for the purposes of venting my feelings with malicious rage against authority.

When you are a prisoner, at the beginning of each day (round), guards generally "call the day" where you need to abide the rules set by the commanding guard in order to stay alive. If you do not follow those rules, in the guard's eyes, it is considered rebelling and they have the right to kill you. If you manage to be the last prisoner alive, you have the right to a "last request" by typing /lr. A menu will pop up and will have a list of games that you can play.

You also have the choice to rebel. By rebelling, you are allowing yourself to be killed, unless you kill all of the guards of course. Rebelling is actually the fun part of the game. It is what gives Jailbreak it's fun factor. You should always remember to rebel when the guards are not looking at you or they are preoccupied. One of my favorite ways to rebel is to see a gun on the floor, wait until the guard looking at you turns his attention away, and you pick it up. Even though they heard you pick it up, they cannot do anything about it since they did not see it. When the time is right, kill them.

There are many ways to rebel in Jailbreak, this is only one of the millions of possibilities. You need to know that this is only the basics of the game. Play it! Experience is what gives you the skill.

Guards (CT's) Guide
Your job as a guard is to maintain in control of the jail. You do not want prisoners to rebel. You are allowed to kill any people who are not following your orders. Guards need to be concise with the way they call commands. For example, saying "go to something" is different than saying "get on something" or "go inside something". Guards must have a microphone. Be prepared for random "mic checks" from admins if you do not talk. As an officer, you must give commands with your microphone for the prisoners to follow. At the beginning of each day, the first guard to call a day will to continue calling the day, unless transfers the power to another CT. This means if three people talk at the same time, the first Officer that talked should be the one to keep calling the day. DON'T BE SHY! I am so sick of all these introverted Officers who mumble when they talk or instead won't even talk even though they have a microphone and pass the "mic check". This is a game! You don't need to be nervous!

Like I have said before, reading this guide is one thing, its actually playing Jailbreak is what gives you the skill.