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Rules to Join $$-_No_-$$ Clan
1. No other legit clans.
2. Must have TS3 and working microphone.
( Download Ts3 )
3. Be Polite and Honest towards players in our clan or servers.
4. Must speak English - No Racism Intended
5. No Racist/Abusive language towards players in our clan or servers.

Rules for Guests in Servers

1. Spamming and flaming will result in a temporary mute, or even a ban
2. Do not hack - any kinds of hacks (Results in a perm-ban)
3. Do not cheat - any kinds of cheating (Results in a perm-ban)
4. Do not accuse people of hacking in public chat (May get kicked)
5. Do not advertise another clan server or website (Results in a perm-ban)
6. Do not try to crash the server (Results in a perm-ban)
7. Do not complain about admin decisions
8. When speaking to a clan member, please use English.
9.Try to keep the teams equal is better for the game!

Thank you for reading the rules.

Breaking these rules may result into declining the application of joining process, a kick, a permanent ban from our server.
Posted by eki_
Dec 08, 2013 6:46 AM